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Friday Morning Men: “One Life to Live” week concludes with handsome actors who played Kish and Nick!

It’s been two years since One Life to Live abruptly ended its groundbreaking gay storyline that had centered on the sweet coupling of a police officer named Oliver Fish and a medical student named Kyle Lewis.

They were played, memorably, by two of today’s Morning Men: Scott Evans and Brett Claywell.

While Kyle and Fish (known to fans as Kish) did end up together and happy, it was a bumpy road getting there with Fish struggling to accept being gay. One of their obstacles was when Kyle met a handsome guy at the gym named Nick (Nicholas Rodriguez) and they became dating.

Nick got gay bashed then he and Kyle nearly got married (symbolically anyway) in a big group gay wedding. On wedding day, Fish finally came out and Kyle knew he should be with him and not Nick.

For me, the Kish and Nick era was my favorite and the one time I watched the show regularly. I was quite bitter when the powers that be threw the entire storyline under the bus when ratings sagged.

They didn’t give the characters any kind of send-off and the actors who had done such a magnificent job bringing them to life deserved much better.

Their fans have never forgotten them!

One Life to Live ends its 40-plus year run today.

Nicholas Rodriguez

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3 Remarks

  1. This is true! It sucked then, it still sucks now! Shame how they treated the KISH storyline and its actors! Incredibly stupid too.

  2. We don’t know the true story, the actors are to blame, viewer backlash is to blame, etc. The Exec producer and head writer are both gay so I have to believe it was out of their hands.
    OLTL has been on fire for years. ABC is stupid to cancel their # 1 soap. They have gained hundreds of thousands of viewers up from a year before and was named the best soap of 2011 by all of the soap media.

  3. Loved the characters…wish they had a proper send-off especially in the series finale for goodness sake. :(

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