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Friday Morning Man: Timothy Adams!



My apologies for the erratic posting schedule in recent days, I’ve got all kinds of things going on this week!

To make it up to you, I present an extra smoking hot Morning Man by the name of Timothy Adams, an actor who is best known for his roles on Sunset Beach, One Life to Live and Rescue Me.

But something else that has gotten him a lot of attention is being a cover model for hundeds of romance novels. Think of him as a Fabio who can actually act!

He the is the subject of a profile this week in the New York Post and I want to share some of it with you:

Twelve inches. That’s the size of Timothy Adams’ shoulder-to-waist ratio. “It helps with the romance covers,” he shrugs.

So does his chiseled 6-foot-1 visage of rippling biceps, tousled sandy locks, penetrating blue eyes and heaving pecs.

New York’s newest Fabio has ravished the covers of more than 100 romance novels in the past seven years. The Jersey-born, East Village-dwelling hunk’s scorching body of work includes “My Immortal Assassin,” “Sins of the Highlander,” “Welcome Home, Cowboy,” “Caressed by Ice” and that literary classic, “Unfinished Business with the Duke.” Adams ticks off his titillating roles: “I’ve been a gladiator, a cowboy, a dad, a tycoon, sometimes shirtless, sometimes with costumes, sometimes with women in a clinch.”

Adams, who’s 43 and still working steadily, says he came late to the pulsing flesh world, shooting his first cover at age 36. His secret to scoring that first naughty novel? “I looked really good with my shirt off,” he says simply. “Broad shoulders, six-pack all year round, nonstop action going on — that’s what it takes.”

It also takes plenty of effort, although for Adams, exercise is “a lifestyle for me — I don’t think about working out. When you’re hungry, you eat, when your body needs to work out, you train.” To that end, he rides his bicycle everywhere he goes, rain or shine, biking between Manhattan and Brooklyn several times a week and carrying armfuls of groceries as he goes. He runs up stairs and notes, “I walk on my hands and do pushups on my hands whenever I feel like my muscles need to be activated.”

He also trains private clients about 10 hours per week, scuba-dives and teaches a twice-weekly group class in “dynamic functional flexibility.”

Adams certainly isn’t letting his steamy success go to his hunky head. “It’s just work at this point,” he says, admitting he’s never actually read any of the books he clinches for. “I saw one of them once in CVS; I looked at the cover, laughed and left.”


Timothy Adams

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