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Friday Morning Man: Lachlan Buchanan!

When I became a blogger in 2006, I had plenty to write about but it wasn’t hard for me to keep track of the television shows and movies with LGBT storylines and characters — I certainly knew which celebrities were out and proud.

Well it’s 2020 and I’m officially losing track – they are everywhere and I could not be happier.

I write this because it is just last night that I came across a Queerty interview with Station 19 actor Lachlan Buchanan who I did not realize was playing a closeted gay firefighter on the show. I also did not realize that the actor identifies as queer off screen.

“When I first moved over here (from Australia) I had the same thing a lot of other actor friends of mine had, which is your reps telling you ‘Don’t come out. Act straight. You’ll never have a career,’” he recalls. “I definitely took that to heart for a while, and it’s exhausting. But year by year it’s gotten so much better. And in Australia, at that point in my life, I wasn’t fully comfortable with who I was either. So I was keeping it to myself anyway.”

On Station 19, his character of Emmett is presenting as straight to the world and even has a girlfriend. But he begins a secret relationship with Travis (Jay Hayden), the station’s resident out-gay man. The two actors has shared some steamy scenes including making out in a shower.

“This is the first time I’ve ever played a proper gay character,” Buchanan says. “I was a bit nervous coming into it. Very intimate scenes are awkward anyway. Being a gay character played by a straight guy, I did wonder what it would be like. Fortunately, Jay is just a legend. Straight away, he made me feel so comfortable. He was like “We’re going to go for this, right? Let’s go for it.” So I was like, “Ok, touch me wherever you want.” And he said “Same, I don’t care.” So really, because of him, I got very comfortable very quickly. We’re very comfortable around each other.”

Lachlan, 32, starred on the Australian soap Home And Away which he says is ‘like a rite of passage there.’ He has also acted in several films, with supporting roles in Arcadia Lost and All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane, and as a lead in Newcastle.

This led to steady work in US television with guest appearances on Pretty Little Liars, NCIS: Los Angeles and Castle then being cast in 2015 as Kyle Abbott on The Young and the Restless

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3 Remarks

  1. I’ve been following Lachlan on social media since his Pretty Little Liar days. As best as I can remember this interview was the first time he self identified as gay. However, all one had to do was look at his Instagram postings to realize that he was gay, and not wary of being seen in gay places or with his gay friends.

  2. Woah.. hot… dayum. we started to watch this show when it first came out, but passed on it.. now, trying to find the full series on Netflix Canada.. and they just don’t carry it. Can’t find where it is available to binge

  3. If you can find it, you should definitely check out “Newcastle.” Lachlan’s character is straight, but his brother is gay. The brother has a crush on one of Lachlan’s buddies, who welcomes the attention. Plus, it’s a surfer movie, with beautifully shot surfing action — and plenty of eye candy.

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