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Friday Morning Man: Greg Vaughan! (New Interview!)

For nearly 600 episodes dating back to 2003, Greg Vaughan had played Lucky Spencer on the ABC soap General Hospital.

But the 35-year-old actor quite unexpectedly found himself out of work when the show’s powers that be decided to replace Vaughn with an actor who had played the role previously. It is one of those “if it ain’t broke, break it” situations that has fans in an uproar.

I ran into Greg last night at an AIDS Walk LA fundraiser in Hollywood (A full report coming later today) and asked him about what happened.

“It was a surprise that it was coming to an end and the way it came about but there had been some years of limbo, of trying to figure out which direction were were gonna go,” he said.

But he was feeling optimistic at the time of his pink slip: “Right before my days were over, there was a story being built up that I was very excited about, it was going to have a huge impact. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to finish that out but it is what it is. The machine will keep going no matter what. I’ve been on both sides of the fence.”

“Now with the amount of love and support that I’ve gotten in the aftermath, it really gives me a great peace. Through and through, I have a strong fan base and great friends. I have to look forward. I’ve been in the business for 15 years and I’ve been blessed to work 14 years and support my family.”

Still, his departure was emotional, especially when talking about it with the show’s biggest star Anthony Geary who plays his father, Luke Spencer.

“He said it was probably one of the saddest days of his 30 years on the show,” Greg recalled. “He was somber and we had a good hug. It was emotional, it was a very difficult thing. It was a sad day to pack up seven years of memories but it’s about holding on to the things that cast and crew did share together.”

His professional future has already begun to take shape with his landing a role in the independent thriller Sebastian.

“I’ll be working starting in the next week on a four-week shoot so I’m excited,” he said. “I play a doctor so maybe all those years on GH might have rubbed off. It’ll be interesting. I’ve got a lot of reading to do before we start in the next week or 10 days.”

Best of luck to Greg!


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22 Remarks

  1. Greg Vaughan is a class act all around. Very proud to be a fan. So happy he has landed a role in “Sebastian”. May he be blessed with many more opportunites.:):)

  2. I am so proud to be a fan of Greg’s he has the biggest heart any actor can give his fans. Congratulations Greg this is the start of something BIG Im sure.

  3. I knew something would come up for Greg soon and this is just the beginning. I will miss seeing his handsome face on GH, but as a fan will always support him wherever his career takes him.

  4. I’ve been Greg’s fan for many years (much before GH) and I always could see the wonderful human being he is as well as an actor with so much potencial to have awesome oportunities. I am so proud of him and I always will support him, no matter what. I am so happy to see him starting this new role and I am here hoping he will be happy all the time!
    Go Greg!! I believe in you! :) :):) Hugs from Brazil! :)

  5. So happy for Greg. He will be missed, but best of Luck to him.

  6. All my love to Greg. He is such a sweetheart. He will be missed on GH. Can’t wait to see him in new projects. I’ll be there for sure.

  7. I am so glad for Greg. I will absolutely follow his career after GH. and intend to catch this movie to watch Greg be a doctor instead of a cop. :) YAY for Greg.

  8. I am so proud to be part of Greg’s fan base. He is a genuine guy and real star in my book. I am excited about what is ahead for him and his family.

  9. Greg Vaughan is simply as good as it gets! This guy is one of the best in the business and he will be an asset anywhere he lands. Whomever casts him is lucky because he gives 150% with whatever he does. Congrats to him and his family!!

  10. Greg Vaughan is a class act! I am so happy for him that he landed this new role so quickly…and not surprised! Go Greg!!!!

  11. I knew Greg would get something quickly. He can do primetime, movies etc. GH did not use his talent.

  12. Greg, I KNOW you will be great at whatever you do and I am so happy that you found something so quickly. I will miss you on GH but am looking forward to seeing you on the bigscreen or Primetime.Just watching these pictures of you has me Swooning, because I will so miss seeing those gorgeous eyes and your easy going self on GH.

  13. great article!! I’m tweeting it all over and will get it in the blog tomorrow. :)

  14. Greg is a class act and will be missed.

    He certainly won’t be forgotten. He is hot and sexy and I am sure all of us will seen him in the movies soon.

    GH losing Greg is a big loss. He is Lucky

  15. I felt so bad when i heard about Greg but now i am happy he has already found work. I loved him as Lucky and will certainly miss him. Good luck to you Greg.

  16. Great news… I hope he soars! I’m unforgiving on how his departure was handled.

  17. General Hospital is SO broken these days. They never get anything right anymore! Especially this now, replacing Greg Vaughan as Lucky. GH’s stupid writers didn’t write ANYTHING decent for him for SO LONG! It’s the WRITERS fault Lucky’s character wasn’t working — he didn’t have anything to work with! They were too busy writing for another lame returning “fan favorite”, Sarah Brown as Claudia, that nobody actually cares about! She was crap the first go ’round as the original Carly! So what does GH do? Bring her back on board and focus all their uncreative attention on her! Booo! Just as they finally figure out what a tremendous waste that was, they miss the boat again and bring back Jonathan Jackson to replace Greg as Lucky Spencer! I just can’t watch GH anymore. They just don’t do anything I care to watch! I’ve been a Greg Vaughan fan since his Old Spice commercial. Best of luck to you, Greg. Not that you need ‘em, but don’t be surprised if GH comes calling when they make an even bigger mess out of this disasterous, UN”Lucky” decision, too!

  18. I love Jonathan Jackson and was so sad when he left GH but then along came Greg Vaughn and he just became Lucky Spencer! He has been a joy to watch and I am very very sad to see him leave. Replacing Greg, even by the ‘original Lucky’, won’t be an easy task. Good luck Greg in all you do – you are an amazingly talented actor and good things await you for sure!

  19. I am sadden my heart is broken what next, (STEVE/Jason is so I am done done, done. This other guy don’t do a thing for me. Those expression that Greg gives he make Luck so real, so real. I don’t understand why the Soaps do the things they do and expect the fans to go along. any way it’s time to turn of the TV.

    Greg good luck, I hope to see you on some or all of the CSI You will be a hard guy to replace

  20. i am sad that gh let gv go.

    gv was amazing as lucky!!!

    gv portrayed lucky as an adult through adult life experiences

    gh was amazing in the drug, metro court, helping maxie holding her at sams and mikes place after maxie’s death, romance with sam, emily’s death, jake’s paternity, this past winter redo of the hospital, comforting lulu through her breakdown, protecting lulu from jz, finding romance with liz again and so many more!!!

    gv the above and so much more are Your character stories!

    fans support you!!

    we are so excited and can not wait to see Sebastion and all your future projects!!!

    gv you rock!!!!!!!

  21. It will be hard getting use to a new Lucky, even though he is the old Lucky…its just been too long it’s not right! It feels like Liz is with a new guy…at this point I hope she does hook up with Nikolas! I’ve watched the show with all 3 Lucky’s, and Greg Vaughn fit the role the best & was my favorite. Also can’t believe that the GH website didnt post a thing about Greg Vaughn’s departure! So wrong! You will be missed on GH and it just wont be the same!

    Good Luck to you & wish you all the best!

  22. greg vaughn best looking man on anybody tv, very nice looking please get him back, my reason for looking at general hospital, he made my day, him and sonny,dominic please get lucky back, i do like the old lucky too. bring him back for his faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans.

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