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Friday Morning Man: Gale Harold! [Updated], Greg In Hollywood is probably never going to be some kind of site with totally nude guys with their naughty bits exposed for all to see. But hey, this site is all about tastefully done photos of beautiful men in various states of undress. This photo of Gale Harold certainly fits into that category don’t you think?

UPDATE: I’m getting all kinds of comments telling me this is NOT Gale’s body! Yikes. Well, it’s a nice body though and his head looks really good atop it! But I’ve added a few more images of Gale just so we can keep it real.

Gale has accomplished a very difficult feat in his career and that is managing to leave a character as indelible as sexy and slutty Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk behind him to take on all kinds of other roles including his current one on Desperate Housewives. He’s headlines the series Vanished, had a role on Deadwood and did a memorable two-episode stint on Grey’s Anatomy last season as a racist paramedic.

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6 Remarks

  1. Except that’s not Gale Harold.

    Yes, that’s his head, but not his body, as is fairly obvious if you’ve ever paid attention to any episodes of “Queer as Folk”. In this manip, which has flown all over the net for years and been debunked over and over again, Gale’s head was photoshopped onto a fairly well-known photo of Steve Sandvoss’ body.

  2. May 1st, 2009 at 5:58 am
    anonymous says:

    that’s a manip, the body is not Gale!

  3. Hon, that’s not Gale’s bod. Though GH does have a gorgeous body, that’s a photo manip of Steve Sandvoss’s rather large body with Gale’s rather petit head *hee*…But don’t feel too silly, this one has fooled a lot of people for some weird, unknown reason. ;)

  4. p.s. You can find that Steve Sandvoss photo here:
    along with other photos that make it obvious that this is Steve’s body.

    Look around at other photos of Gale’s and you’ll also confirm that his body looks nothing like this.

    Oh, and Gale’s head came from this shot:

  5. Even if I don’t doubt about this guy’s beautiful body –I suppose he has one- this photo is photoshoped. There are certain details that are extremely striking. The head is set on a body –and not in a clever way, well- and even the light comes from different direction, one for the head, the other for the body. The head is blurred. The body is not. And so on. But hey take notice that I’m not criticizing for having good looking guys in different states of seduction. But I guess that out there somewhere must be the real thing. Lol.

  6. Thank you Greg for this present!! Sadly, the first picture is a fake. Don´t worr for it! I leave some of Gale´s pictures. He doesn´t need another body because he is gorgeus himself :)

    Well, another day you can give us “any day…morning…afternoon Gale” in all his glory. The man deserves it ;)

    These are an example…

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