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Freddie Smith on murder of “Days” husband: “It was the last thing I thought would happen”

Freddie Smith appeared on Days of Our Lives today for the first times in several months as his character of Sonny Kiriakis got the news that his husband, Will Horton, has been murdered.

Smith, who won an Emmy last June for his portrayal of Sonny, was asked about the shocking plot development on AfterBuzz TV.

Here’s what Freddie had to say: “It was more shocking than anything, and it was the last thing that I thought would happen. So, I was really shocked, and all of a sudden I was coming back.  It was just extremely sad.  It’s going to be a very sad week on DAYS, but it’s very, very sad, because a lot of people were affected by it as people, as well.  So I think that overall, you guys are going to have a very dramatic week of DAYS.  Everyone was very sad about it.”

Smith had already left the show (it films 3-4 months in advance) when he heard the news from Guy Wilson who took over the role from Chandler Massey in early 2014.

“As an actor, as Freddie, sometime in April or May I got a message from Guy Wilson and all it said was ‘Bro’.  I texted him back, ‘What is going on? What’s up?’  He says, ‘You’re never going to believe it.”  I go, ‘What?’  He goes, ‘I’m dying!’  I said, ‘You’re dying? How?’  He goes, ‘I get strangled!’  And then two days later I get a phone call (from DAYS) and then I knew why I was going to go back.   I was just blown away that is the route they went, or you would think for a character who has been there forever.  But then my comment was, I said, ‘There was good closure.’   The good closure not on the love story, but the closure in the sense that Sonny has to go back to see his husband.  If he didn’t go back – it’s terrible that he died – no one wants that – but as the character, you would obviously go back and see your husband.  It was just an interesting end to the whole thing. ”

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2 Remarks

  1. I feel bad for Freddie and Guy because I think they knew more than anyone how much Will and Sonny’s love story meant to so many people. The show really seemed to promise a happy ending for Will & Sonny, and so many viewers wanted that.

    If the show was going to write out the gay story, which I believe they intended to because all gay imagery has been cleansed from the show since the new writers began, they had an opportunity for Will to be forgiven and Will and Sonny to leave together. Instead, they felt that Will couldn’t be forgiven for his relatively (for a soap) minor transgressions.

    It’s entirely possible Days wasn’t wrong. Will was held to an absurd double standard, vilified while criminals, rapists, kidnappers – all are cheered on. I’m certain this has something to do with Will’s sexuality and a segment of the audience only accepting “perfect” gays like Paul and Sonny. Yet, I do think the backlash against Will’s death indicates that people did love to hate him and didn’t want him dead. They wanted him redeemed. But somehow, Days writers got the impression that there was no redemption for the gay, so he had to die.

    The whole thing is just sad because very little story will come from Will’s death, his husband and mother being off canvas. We’ll get two weeks of drama, and then Will and Sonny’s daughter will be raised by heterosexuals and Will will barely be mentioned.

    It’s not Freddie or Guy or Christopher’s fault that this decision was made, so they shouldn’t have to defend it. They carried the show for months – Will’s shenanigans driving the story – and the ratings were higher than they are now.

    Overall, it was just a grim, cynical and yes, homophobic, way to end a beautiful love story.

  2. I have to agree with you. I mean I get that they wanted to bring back old favorites for the anniversary celebration but in all honesty I think they will end up hurting themselves in the long run. Guy made Will his own but its the writes fault for how they treated the character and especially the new writers. I’ll give As The World Turns credit in that they didn’t kill off their legacy character of Luke but that’s it. Days will go down in history as killing their legacy character of Will and ending the gay storyline. As I don’t think that Christopher will be around much longer because I doubt that the show will continue with the gay storyline.

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