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Some Tom Daley eye candy!

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Morning Round-Up: Audrey Hepburn; Kyra Sedgwick; RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under; Colton Underwood

Drama Series Based on Audrey Hepburn’s Formative Years In The Works Just Jared

Kyra Sedgwick Recalls the Awkward Time She Pushed Tom Cruise’s ‘Panic Button’ During a Dinner at His Home People

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under trailer hits queen sweet spots and ‘rotten’ runways

Bachelor Nation Stars React to Colton Underwood Coming Out as Gay: ‘You Have My Love and Support’ People

Carole Radziwill: Should ABC Be ‘Vetting’ for Closeted Bachelors? Advocate

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Snapped! Ricky Martin taking a break …

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See when Billy Eichner told Colton Underwood that being gay is something he should “look into”

In this clip from two years ago, it seems like Billy Eichner’s gaydar was in fine working order when it came to Colton Underwood who must’ve felt a bit panicked knowing what we know now..

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Colton Underwood has already been signed to his own reality show – his first as an openly gay man

As we saw with Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait, chronicling your coming out journey on a reality TV show can have disastrous results – especially if you pissed a lot lot people off before you came out and were ready to be out to yourself and the world.

But this is the route former Bachelor star Colton Underwood has chosen to take now that he is publicly out as a gay – less than two years since publicly vying for heterosexual love on The Bachelor and before that The Bachelorette.

Variety reports that Underwood is getting his own reality show at Netflix and it is currently in production. The unscripted series with multiple episodes will focus on Underwood living his life publicly as a gay man. While the full scope of the series is under wraps, an insider tells Variety that Olympian Gus Kenworthy will appear in the series, acting as a guide, of sorts, for the former pro football player.

It’s safe to assume that Underwood’s reality show will be more authentic than his book The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV released just a year ago.

Clearly he wasn’t through finding himself – and cashing in on it.

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Twitter has very mixed reaction to former “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood coming out as gay

Conrad Ricamora hopes adoption storyline on “The Resident” brings awareness to what gay couples can face

After all those years playing Oliver on How to Get Away With Murder, it takes a bit of an adjustment to seeing Conrad Ricamora in a different TV role so quickly.

On the Fox medical drama The Resident, plastic surgeon Jake Wong (Conrad Ricamora) has been growing closer to his former stepfather, hospital CEO Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood), Jake and his husband Gregg (Christopher J. Hanke) were set to adopt a baby born in the hospital when the young woman’s conservative parents arrived and issued an ultimatum: They would continue to support their daughter financially only if she gave the baby up for adoption to a straight couple.

Ricamora tells Entertainment Weekly that he hopes the episode will bring awareness of how this happens to gay couples in real life.

“A lot of LGBTQ couples don’t have adoption rights in certain states and the child can be taken away,” he says. “I hope it helps bring awareness that this happens way too often. I also hope the episode shows what Bell says is very true: A child needs love and support and the presence of two willing parents.”

He continues: “I remember when my stepmom married my dad, she was always talking about choice. For gay parents, it’s a choice made over several years to have a child. You continually have to put in resources before you can even adopt a child or work through surrogacy. This means there’s a big commitment involved, which is what a kid needs — committed parents. There are so many LGBTQ couples who are committed to showing a child love and support that still have to face so many more hurdles that are discriminatory. I hope we can let go of some of that and really embrace the idea that commitment is more important than the sexual orientation or identification of the parents is.”

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Former ‘Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood comes out as gay: “I’ve ran from myself for a long time”

The Bachelor franchise finally has an openly gay bachelor!

Okay, so it’s not happening on the show and it doesn’t involve a gay man being courted by a bunch of other gay men who desperately want a red rose. I have not watched the show in many years but did about 10 years ago and I think Collton Underwood is not the first secretly bachelor who competed for the hearts of various women in national television.

Underwood came out as gay in an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

“I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time,” Underwood told Roberts. “And I’m gay. And I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it. And the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know. I’m still nervous, but yeah. It’s been a journey for sure.”

Underwood said he went through a “dark and bad” time before feeling like he could reveal this about himself and his “wake up call” was feeling like he “would’ve rather died” than say he’s gay.

“There was a moment in L.A. that I woke up and I didn’t think I was gonna wake up. I didn’t have the intentions of waking up. And I did,” he recalled, noting this moment — and other “suicidal thoughts” — led him to “take back control” of his life.

Underwood said he “genuinely” wishes he hadn’t dragged people into “my own mess of figuring out who I was.” In addition to saying sorry to those women, he would said thank you because, ultimately, they and the franchise helped him get to this place.

When he was named the Bachelor, Underwood said he remembered “praying to God” the morning he found out and “thanking him for making me straight,’ thinking this would lead to him finally getting the wife and them having kids.

Having grown up in the Catholic church, he remembered he “learned in the Bible that gay is a sin” in Catholic grade school. And during his time in sports, he remembered people using the word “gay” as a term that held “a connotation of negativity.”

“I think there’s a lot of things, when I look back, I’m like, ‘No wonder I held it in,’” he said.

Underwood was a contestant on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, the 14th season, in 2018. He made it to Kufrin’s final four. He then had a brief stint on season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise then was chosen as the lead of season 23 of The Bachelor in 2019, with his virginity being a frequent topic of conversation and his famous fence-jumping moment being one of the franchise’s most dramatic moments.

See full story at

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Morning Round-Up: Pete Buttigieg; Lil Nas X; Madonna; Tan France; Serena Williams; Christian Siriano

Pete Buttigieg is winning over both Republicans & Democrats behind-the-scenes LGBTQNation

Lil Nas X Makes Out with Dominic Fike in Brockhampton’s ‘Count on Me’ Music Video Just Jared

Queer Eye’s Tan France, Husband Rob Expecting First Baby via Surrogate: ‘Our Hearts Are So Full’ People

Madonna to Pro-Gun ‘Karen’: Tell Me to My Face How Unreal My World Is The Advocate

Serena Williams Docuseries to Follow Tennis Champ On and Off Court The Hollywood Reporter

Christian Siriano Files for Divorce from Brad Walsh Almost Three Years After Split Just Jared

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Mourning the closure of ArcLight Hollywood

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Leslie Jordan: “In the south we don’t put crazy people away, we put them on the porch“

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See James Longman’s “concentration face”

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Morning Round-Up: SNL lesbian period drama parody; ArcLights closing; Sheryl Underwood; Britney Spears & more!

“SNL” Perfectly Parodies Every Lesbian Period Drama Ever NewNowNext

Pacific and ArcLight theaters will not reopen after the pandemic, company says LA Times

Straight TV host in Chile reveals he was once in love with hugely popular gay screenwriter Queerty

Sheryl Underwood Addresses Why She Didn’t Answer Sharon Osbourne’s Texts as The Talk Returns People

Britney Spears Sends a Message to Fans ‘Concerned With My Life’ Just Jared

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Morning Man Classic: Tony Dow!

Reruns of the 1960s sitcom Leave it to Beaver used to air early in the mornings when I was in college and I remember watching the episodes before class and thinking they were hilarious.

I also seem to recall that as the Cleaver boys got older, Wally (played by Tony Dow) developed into quite a hunk! Wally was the elder son of June (played by Barbara Billingsley) and Ward (played by Hugh Beaumont) Cleaver, and the brother of Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver (played by Jerry Mathers).

Well today, Tony Dow turns 76 years old!

The classic sitcom ran from 1957 through 1963 and Dow was 18 when the show went off the air. He took a three year break from acting at that point to serve in the National Guard then returned to television with guest roles on such shows as Love American Style, Adam 12, The Mod Squad, The Hardy Boys, Knight Rider, Square Pegs, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Charles in Charge and Emergency!

But he wasn’t through being Wally quite yet. Most of the original cast reunited for 1983 television movie Still the Beaver which was so successful that it led to a whole other series called The New Leave it to Beaver which ran from 1985 through 1989.

Dow still acts occasionally but has other skills as well. He’s an accomplished sculptor and has also worked in visual effects on such television series as Doctor Who and Babylon 5.

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WATCH: I really loved Beane’s performance of Ben Platt’s “Grow As We Go” this week on “American Idol”

Have not been watching American Idol this season, or any recent season, but I am absolutely taken with the talent and the presence of Beane who just made it into the top 12 thanks to the judge’s decision to save him from elimination. They made the right decision! His rendition of Ben Platt’s Grow As We Go is damned special.



Instant Comedy Classic: The Iceberg that sunk the Titanic stops by SNL’s Weekend Update

Everyone has been buzzing about this and I just saw it last night. The Iceberg that sank the Titanic (Bowen Yang) stopped by SNL’s Weekend Update to discuss his new album. This is so damned funny. Let me know what you think!

“First of all, you came to where I live and you hit me. It was midnight. I was chilling. And then I hear this Irish cacophony behind me,” Yang said as the Iceberg. “And before I turn around and go, like, what? Half my ass is gone, which was my best feature. And I’m literally injured but all anybody cares about is that like, 40 or 50 people died or whatever.”


Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary at Turks and Caicos

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Glenn Close on the film version of “Sunset Boulevard” and getting her eighth Oscar nomination

I don’t know if Glenn Close will finally win an Oscar on April 25 – maybe it’s better to not be the overwhelming favorite like she was a few years ago for The Wife. I saw Hillbilly Ellegy and thought she was amazing so I’m rooting for her.

If she loses, again, maybe she will win for the big screen adaptation of Sunset Boulevard. She won a Tony Award for playing the role of Norma Desmond in the 1990s then triumphed again in recent years in a revival of the show on Broadway and in London.

Here is an excerpt from Miss Close’s recent chat with the LA Times:

Will we ever see you reprise your stage role of Norma Desmond in the film version of the “Sunset Boulevard” musical?

[Big laugh] Oh, my gosh. Well, we’re all ready to go. It’s just the craziness of all the backlog out of COVID. We’re just waiting to get the final money together and to be given the final green light. I hope we’re shooting it later this summer.

What do you reflect on when you consider you’ve now had eight Oscar nominations?

You have to do work that you can be proud of — that’s the most you can ask of yourself. It means a lot to still be in the room.

Confession time: Do you read reviews?

I would be an absolute melted puddle on the floor if I read reviews, because as an actor, you’re just incredibly sensitive [to them] because you’ve put your heart and soul with a wonderful team into something. So I decided a long time ago not to read reviews just [laughs] for my own mental health!

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Monday Morning Man: Rafael L. Silva!

I’m on vacation so posting will be a bit erratic this week – I’m in Palm Springs baby!

Okay, there’s a Morning Man today and he’s one half of “Tarlos,” the red-hot gay couple on 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Rafael L. Silva, 26, plays the role of Carlos Reyes on the series, a young police officer in a relationship with Ronen Rubinstein’s firefighter character of TK Strand. While Rubinstein got a lot of attention recently when he came out publicly as bisexual, Silva had already been public about being openly gay.

“Even though this show is fiction mixed with reality, I’m representing a real person. I personally wasn’t aware of the importance of this character until the inevitable feedback from fans started to come in,” he told Digital Spy last year. “Then, layer upon layer, story upon story starts to get created, and that awareness allows me to see the magnitude of what it means to portray a gay man of colour who also happens to be a cop.”

He is originally from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, but moved to the United States at the age of 13. According to IMDB, in his junior year of high school, Rafael signed up to audition for his first play with the intention of overcoming his fear of speaking in public. As his fear diminished, his interest in his newly found craft grew and he decided to audition to performing arts schools in order to attain proper training as an actor.

In 2017, Rafael Silva graduated Pace University, in downtown Manhattan, NY, with a B.F.A. in Acting for Film, Television, Voice-Overs & Commercial.

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WATCH: ’9-1-1: Lone Star’ actor Ronen Rubinstein’s interview with Marc Malkin in which he comes out as bisexual

In an interview with Variety’s Marc Malkin, “9-1-1: Lone Star” actor Ronen Rubinstein officially comes out as bisexual and explains just how playing the character of T.K. Strand helped him come to the realization.

Rubinstein called his awakening “a journey” that was enabled by his work as an actor. T.K. and his relationship with police officer Carlos Reyes, played by openly gay actor Rafael L. Silva, has certainly been embraced by fans of the show who have dubbed the couple “Tarlos.”