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“Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis is suing longtime assistant Jenni Pulos over a book she’s written

Anyone who has watched the Bravo reality show Flipping Out knows that star Jeff Lewis likes to always be in control – especially since he famously suffers from obsessive–compulsive personality disorder.

But one thing he is unable to control is a book being penned by longtime assistant Jenni Pulos so he is suing her and her literary agents in an effort to quash the project.

Lewis has filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking an injunction against the unwritten book which has this title: Hang in There, Baby – What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love.’

Based on the title alone, Lewis fears such a book would reveal ‘trade secrets and private information’ about his personal life beyond what is shown on television.

‘In her employment with Jeff for these many years, Jenni has become privy to both trade secrets and other confidential information relating to the operation of the plaintiff businesses as well as highly confidential personal and private information relating to Jeff’s personal life and business dealings,’ the suit states.

Lewis has not commented beyond the suit but Pulos posted her reaction on Twitter: ‘Woke up this am, being sued by your boss is really putting on the Celebrity Cinderella Slipper. Bullies Aren’t Cool.’

Pulos signed signed a nondisclosure agreement with Lewis. The suit claims such a book is in violation of that contract.

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4 Remarks

  1. It was only a matter of time.

  2. Anyone who watches Jeff on Bravo knows what a bully he is. Glad that Jenni finally realized this and is calling him that in public.

  3. Well, this is certainly going to make things awkward! :) . I just can’t believe Jenni would think she could write such a book given she has sign a confidentiality agreement. Good god, who is her legal adviser/lawyer? She should fire him/her stat! That said, I agree with poster Paul and Jenni herself that Jeff is bully. Honestly, the only reason I tune into the show every now and then is because of Jenni & Zoila.

  4. This makes me glad I don’t watch reality TV.

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