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Flashback Friday: The day the refined Julia Sugarbaker accidentally mooned Atlanta on “Designing Women” Sugarbaker (played by the late, great Dixie Carter) is an elegant, outspoken liberal intellectual who had lived her life with refined dignity.

Until the fashion show.

Julia took to the runway of the charity event unaware that her dress was tucked up into her underwear.

What I love about this clip is how utterly humiliated Julia is. Dixie Carter just plays it brilliantly, as usual. It was not often we saw Julia in such a vulnerable position since she was the Alpha Female in this group usually pointing out how silly the others were being.

My favorite exchange is this:

Julia: What I don’t understand is why didn’t somebody tell me?”

Suzanne: “What I don’t understand is where were your underwear?”

Enjoy this hilarious scene from Designing Women!

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3 Remarks

  1. Um, you do realize that in real life, Dixie Carter was a pure right-wing Republican and that she disliked most of the Thomason’s liberal BS???

    You are aware of this, right???

  2. Um, I’m aware she was a Republican, Bill. Also aware that what she was nothing like what a right wing person might be today. I interviewed her a few times and found her very thoughtful. The deal was that she would get to sing a song on the show each time she did a big liberal monologue. That may be exaggerated because she didn’t sing that many times over the seven seasons and did many, many liberal monologues and acted the hell out of them. She was a very classy woman so don’t try and lower her in my eyes. You cannot.

  3. Well, aren’t we just a catty little ‘mo???

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