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Fired manager dishes dirt on Joan Rivers and Cher friend Ken sent me a link to a Daily Beast interview Kevin Sessums did with Billy Sammeth who once managed Cher and Joan Rivers and ended up being fired by both.

I read the piece and had mixed feelings about sharing it because I have a lot of admiration for both women who are true showbiz survivors. But, it’s out there so I’ll share some bits from someone who is obviously a very bitter man.

On Joan and Melissa’s reality show on WE: “I read an article the other day about how low was she willing to lower herself now to get ratings. That’s just another example of it. In my mind, Edgar [Rosenberg, Joan’s late husband] killed himself 20 years too early. It would have been a great reality show they all could have starred in. He could kill himself. Then Joan could go to his funeral. She could then mourn on camera. You want to talk about ratings. I tell you, the world has gone off its rocker on what is right and wrong.”

[Melissa Rivers] is not my favorite girl for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I respect people with talent. I’m not so sure if you’re talented yourself you take on your mother’s stage name. It’s not Liza Garland, for God’s sake. But Joan has gotten away during this phase of her career with bringing Melissa along with her. “It’s you and me, kid,” she seems to be saying. Cher and son Chaz Bono: I’m sure Cher is more upset that Chaz is fat. Knowing Cher and how she feels about thin people and fat people, I can tell you this: she has no time for fat people. None. So Chaz—whether when he was a lesbian as Chastity or a man as Chaz—is fat. That probably bothers her a lot more. Oh, doll face, this book is going to be sort of scary to write. But let me keep going. I’m all in now. You know how you can tell Cher is a great fucking actress and deserved the Academy Award?  Because of her eulogy at Sonny’s funeral. This was someone she hated. Cher gave a brilliant performance when she delivered that eulogy because I knew how she really felt. I can tell you what I do think she cried so about. She cried that she never settled her differences with him, that they never had that resolution. That would be upsetting to her. But that he died? Please. She thought he was nothing but a used-car salesman.

Sammeth is obviously no longer in contact with either star who both continue to burn bright. Cher is at work on a new album and Joan appeared on both The Late Show With David Letterman and Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night to promote her WE reality show and her E! series Fashion Police.

“It hurts me that I’ve been left on the tracks,” he says. “And after all I’ve said in this interview, I’ll probably be killed. I’m sure some people would suggest I name this book I’m planning to write Kill Bill.

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2 Remarks

  1. I have no experience but any one that ‘close’ would have access to intimate knowledge – I have heard familiarity breeds contempt. With that sounds like a ‘tell all with sour grapes’. I have been hurt with friends that know me very well and have later shared some of my life elsewhere.

  2. February 17th, 2012 at 1:58 pm
    Gaspar Marino says:

    Nothing anybody could say about Joan Rivers or Cher could change my opinion of them. They are true talents who have survived in show business and derserve all their accolades and fame. The chance they take is that some disgruntled employee will write about them and say whatever he or she wants. By writing a book with disparaging information shows what lengths people will go to cash-in on their brief encounters with “true’ star talent.

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