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‘Finding Prince Charming’ suitor shares he is HIV-positive: ‘I wanted to be open about it’

The fourth episode of Logo’s new gay dating reality show Finding Prince Charming had a big reveal in its fourth episode which aired last night.

One of the remaining suitors competing for the affections of designated catch Robert Sepulveda Jr. shared that he is HIV positive.

If you do not want to know who it is, read no further. This is your official SPOILER ALERT.

The suitor first shares the news with one of his fellow competitors before telling Sepulveda at a masquerade party where each person is called on to reveal something about himself.

Eric Leonardos, a 35-year-old celebrity hairstylist, decided that was the time to share his HIV status.

‘Going into it I decided I wanted to be my true, authentic self. I wanted to just be who I was and this is a part of who I am. It’s not the largest part of me, but it is a part of me, and I wanted to be open about it,’ Leonardos tells People Magazine.

After his status was known to Sepulveda and all the fellow suitors, Leonardos describes it as ‘one of the most freeing moments I think I’ve ever experienced to have the people around me put their arms around me. I felt supported.

‘What I do know about people living with HIV is that one of the most important things is to make them feel the love and support of the people around them and they apparently take better care of themselves and seek treatment and go through with that when they feel that sort of love and support, and so statistics show that people take better care of themselves when they feel supported by the people around them.

‘For me I just felt really good. It was a beautiful moment.’



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