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Eric Sheffer Stevens talks to Soap Opera Weekly about Reid’s feelings for Luke: “He’s completely hot for this guy.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m still processing that VERY hot kiss between Luke (Van Hansis) and Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) last week on As the World Turns.

Here is a LINK to it if you have not yet seen what I am proclaiming the hottest man-to-man kiss in the history of soaps.

Eric, who has been a sensation as Dr. Reid Oliver and brought invaluable life to the show, says in the current issue of Soap Opera Weekly: “It’s very attractive and very fresh, and it’s one of those things [where] it’s just a very strong attraction [between them].”

Reid seems certain about how he feels for Luke with whom he had a rocky beginning. Luke in undeniably attracted to the hot doc but still loves Noah who takes his ex-boyfriend and his brain surgeon out for a drink and reveals that he saw the two making out. Another awkward situation arises later when Noah drops by a party Lily is having to thank her for her support. Also there is Reid who was invited by Luke.


Sheffer Stevens acknowledges that even though Luke comes with some baggage, Reid wants him: “It’s not a rational thing that’s on his list of qualities he wants in a partner, that he keeps in his pocket, or something like that. I don’t think that’s what it’s about. It’s just … he’s completely hot for this guy, and it has taken him by surprise.”



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5 Remarks

  1. Yes, that kiss could melt the antarctic and the triangle is now wedged in place. Eric Sheffer Stevens, Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann played their roles with such style. To think there could be so much misunderstanding over a tiny word like love, that it could be so misused and miscalculated. How easily we fall back into inconvenient relationships in the name of love, how disinclined we are to gaze into the eyes of a stranger, allow him to get under our skin and then let go of the former love, habit, boyfriend. Nothing torpedoes a new relationship like the words,”I’m still in love with another.” How safely we do play it when we utter them!!

  2. This is the most beautiful love story between two people who are inexplicabbly drawn to each other in a way that, nothing will keep them apart. The actors are so dynamic they make you forget this is a same sex couple romance and just see the love and chemistry between two people who soo belong together. A total credit to the actors…too bad ATWT didn’t get the good dr. sooner…Maybe they wouldn’t be cancelled. I must add, Van Hasis has always been the most gifted actor, but with Eric Sheffer Steven, he is pushed to super star status. He can show more emotion is his face than a thousand words and he is telling us he is mad for Dr. Oliver..

  3. I have been watching ATWT since i was 13 years old on the day it started.I loved this show.Eric Sheffer Stevens as Dr.Reid Oliver and Van Hansis as Luke are two of the most wonderful actors ever.when they were on the screen you had to watch.I loved the fact that Luke became a stonger person because of Reid,and Reid became a loving and tender person because of Luke.When they told each other “i love you” I cried with tears of joy .Now i’ve been crying with tears of sorrow.The writers really screwed up on this ending.They tied the show up in happy endings for everyone but Luke and Reid.I wanted to remember ATWT with happiness, but now all I’ll remember that they could have made a happy ending for Luke and Reid but they didn’t.These two men showed gay men as loving human beings and not as a sterotype .they could have gotten Chris’ heart from anyone else…and does it really make sense that Katie will really be happy, every time she hears Chris’heart beating she’ll remember her friend died to make Chris live.That would make anyone go over the edge.I want the writers to address why they killed off Reid when he and Luke finally found happiness with each other.Shame on all the writers and the producer too.I’ll be glad to see the show go because you ruined 54 years of memories for me.I hope Eric and Van win many awards!!!!!

  4. MMC,

    Why do you think they are canceling the show? Poor writers for its not the actors they are all great actors.

    Its just same ole darma after darma they should spend some money and go on snow sking trips and boat cruises. Go to Mexico and film but they were saving money by keeping it in the studio.

    I thought they bled the kidnapping to every ounce of milk they could get. That was a odd crazy scene. It just did not make sense.

  5. The love story between Luke and Reid is by far, the most touching, heart grabbing emotionally engulfing story I have EVER seen and, when these two acotrs come together, magic occurs! They are actually almost hypnotizing to watch! I was so in love with LuRe and it just made me happy to see these two together! I was crushed by the ending ATWT gave to fans who invested so much and got so little in return! How could they, on the one hand, give us the most beautiful love story and, on the other, snatch it from us before it ever really began??? It’s been a month since the “death” of Reid, and I am still feeling the blow! Who would have thought a soap opera could cause so much emotion? What a credit to the acting talents of Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens. I am hoping OLTL or AMC will pick these guys up and, somehow resurrect Reid to contine the love story. So much more to tell and the viewers deserve to get a chance to see the story unfold.

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