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Equality California to honor singer Adam Lambert next month at Equality Awards in Los Angeles California has just announced that it will honor singer and songwriter Adam Lambert and Facebook at this year’s annual Los Angeles Equality Awards on August 13 at The Beverly Hilton.

“We’re thrilled to honor Adam Lambert and Facebook whose work has been a catalyst for social change and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality,” Equality California Executive Director Roland Palencia said in a statement. “Their courage and leadership in entertainment and social media have helped Californians become more supportive of LGBT rights.”

Lambert is being honored as an outspoken and fearless role model for LGBT youth nationwide. He participated in the “It Gets Better” campaign with the hope of helping LGBT youth overcome bullying and his new song, Aftermath, will benefit the Trevor Project, a national suicide-prevention hotline for LGBT youth.

“I am so honored to be invited to and recognized by the Equality California event,” said Lambert. “It’s a pivotal time in the progress of equal rights and I’m very grateful to be the subject of such broad visibility. I strive to lead by example by making no apologies for or withholding my identity as a proud and comfortable gay man. I strongly believe that ALL people have a fundamental right to love who they want to love and if they so choose, have their union recognized by the laws of this country regardless of sex, age, race or religious affiliation. I am hopeful that we are getting closer everyday to this idea of Equality.”

In an effort to prevent anti-LGBT cyberbullying, Facebook has developed the “Network of Support,” a coalition of non-profit organizations serving the diverse LGBT community. Facebook has also adopted policies to create a more welcoming experience for LGBT people on the social networking site, including adding a feature that allows LGBT people to select “married,” “civil union,” or “domestic partnership” for their relationship status.



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5 Remarks

  1. July 5th, 2011 at 12:48 pm
    Brettonwood says:

    About time they honored Lambert. I was getting tired of the LGBT community getting behind Str8 singers who only support the community when they are selling a CD. Yeah looking at you GaGa. GaGa has been getting award after award from the LGBT community for talking the talk but girl doesn’t walk the walk. She’s an outright phoney.

  2. I’m overjoyed that Adam’s been recognised just for being himself. Leading by example is the best way to make a difference and that’s what he does best.

  3. Adam is a role model for everyone to be who they really are. He has enormous energy and conviction and frankly, love. And this is really the message we need to be sending to people: be the creative soul you have inside yourself.

  4. July 5th, 2011 at 11:01 pm
    Queenofsomthin says:

    Yes, Adam Lambert! He absolutely own this award and more. He single handley awaken millions of his fans to a equal rights in our society. Black or white, gay or straight, we are all born under the same sun, moon and what we call humanity. No need to discriminate, we are all brothers and sisters of this borrowed land while we are alive. It’s more interesting to have different folks from different storkes than all the same.

  5. I an so pleased that Adam has been nominated for this award. As the first openly gay man to be signed to a major record label, he has had many challenges. I was disappointed to see so few gay men at his GNT concerts, yet they flock to see LG. Born This Way is considered a “gay anthem,” but why wasn’t Aftermath purchased? So many questions and so much confusion. Adam is out and proud, and has been willing to sacrifice his career for his beliefs. He deserves massive amounts of respect.

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