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Embattled “Bachelor” star chats with GLAAD: “I look forward to meeting with gay and lesbian families”

Juan Pablo Galavis has already tried to explain his controversial statements about gays on English being a second language.

He also spoke with my friend Monica Trasandes, GLAAD’s Director of Spanish-Language and Latino Media, via phone today:

“I have heard from many gay Latinos today who are hurt because of what I said and I apologize. I know gay parents and I support them and their families. They are good parents and loving families. I am a father and I know the feel of being a father, why wouldn’t I want my gay friends to also be happy parents?”

“I also want gay and lesbian youth to know that it is fine to be who you are. Gay or straight, Black or White, Latin or American, what matters here is to respect who we are.”

“I look forward to meeting with gay and lesbian families as well as Monica and Wilson from GLAAD. Gay and lesbian people, and the children they are raising, wrongfully face discrimination and I want them to know that I’m on their side.”

Juan Pablo will be meeting in Los Angeles this week with LGBT Latinos and families including Trasandes and GLAAD’s Wilson Cruz.

Trasandes said of his apology: “At a time when Latino support for gay and lesbian people and our families is growing, we look forward to continuing the conversation with Juan Pablo and working with him to help educate his fans about who gay and lesbian parents are. Study after study shows that young people raised by gay parents are as happy and healthy as other young people.”

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5 Remarks

  1. Oh now you’re interested in taking to GLAAD? You can’t have it both ways Juan. You can’t call us perverts and then turn around and say you respect us and our families. I simply don’t believe you. Do better.

  2. I can’t believe he’s trying to play this off as a language barrier. I don’t believe it. I think he knew exactly what he was saying and just didn’t realize that it would be picked up by the media.

  3. It smells like JP has been coerced by ABC producers and his PR team for this meeting. Next thing he’ll be coached by Paula Dean for acting tips during live network interviews.

  4. Here’s an opinion from one of the people you called a pervert, IT’S TOO LATE.

  5. I doesn’t matter how many baby mommas you have or how many women you are expected to bed, you are STILL superior to any person in the LGBT community. Jerk.

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