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Elliot Page on writing memoir: “I just sat down, and it came out and I just didn’t stop. I just kept writing”

Elliot Page’s much anticipated memoir, Pageboy, will be released on June 6. It’s a deeply personal story which promises to discuss Page’s relationship with his body, his experiences as one of the most famous trans people in the world, and will cover mental health, assault, love, relationships, sex, and the cesspool that Hollywood can be.

Page, 36, admits to being a little nervous. “Slightly overwhelmed!” he says with a laugh. “But grateful.”

“I didn’t think I could write a book,” Page tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Books, particularly memoirs, have really shifted my life, offered me inspiration, comfort, been humbling, all of those things. And I think this period of not just hate, of course, but misinformation or just blatant lies about LGTBQ+ lives, about our healthcare, it felt like the right time. Trans and queer stories are so often picked apart, or worse, universalized. So the first chapter of Pageboy” — excerpted below — “I just sat down, and it came out and I just didn’t stop. I just kept writing.”

Page knows his own personal experience is not that of most in his community. “My experience as a trans person and this life I have, and the privilege I have does not represent the reality of most trans lives.” Nevertheless, representation and visibility are important, he says. “I think it’s crucial, I think we need to feel represented and see ourselves, you know, that’s not something I had like as a kid. The reality is, trans people disproportionately are unemployed, disproportionately experience homelessness. Trans women of color are being murdered. People are losing their healthcare or couldn’t access it.”

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