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Ellen Page reveals how Brett Ratner outed her when they worked together on “X Men: The Last Stand”

This was posted on Facebook today by Oscar nominated actress Ellen Page:

“You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.” He said this about me during a cast and crew “meet and greet” before we began filming, X Men: The Last Stand. I was eighteen years old. He looked at a woman standing next to me, ten years my senior, pointed to me and said: “You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay.” He was the film’s director, Brett Ratner.

I was a young adult who had not yet come out to myself. I knew I was gay, but did not know, so to speak. I felt violated when this happened. I looked down at my feet, didn’t say a word and watched as no one else did either. This man, who had cast me in the film, started our months of filming at a work event with this horrific, unchallenged plea. He “outed” me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic. I proceeded to watch him on set say degrading things to women. I remember a woman walking by the monitor as he made a comment about her “flappy pussy”.

We are all entitled to come into an awareness of our sexual orientation privately and on our own terms. I was young and although already a working actor for so long I had in many ways been insulated, growing up on film sets instead of surrounded by my peers. This public, aggressive outing left me with long standing feelings of shame, one of the most destructive results of homophobia. Making someone feel ashamed of who they are is a cruel manipulation, designed to oppress and repress. I was robbed of more than autonomy over my ability to define myself. Ratner’s comment replayed in my mind many times over the years as I encountered homophobia and coped with feelings of reluctance and uncertainty about the industry and my future in it. The difference is that I can now assert myself and use my voice to to fight back against the insidious queer and transphobic attitude in Hollywood and beyond. Hopefully having the position I have, I can help people who may be struggling to be accepted and allowed to be who they are –to thrive. Vulnerable young people without my advantages are so often diminished and made to feel they have no options for living the life they were meant to joyously lead.
I got into an altercation with Brett at a certain point. He was pressuring me, in front of many people, to don a t-shirt with “Team Ratner” on it. I said no and he insisted. I responded, “I am not on your team.” Later in the day, producers of the film came to my trailer to say that I “couldn’t talk like that to him.” I was being reprimanded, yet he was not being punished nor fired for the blatantly homophobic and abusive behavior we all witnessed. I was an actor that no one knew. I was eighteen and had no tools to know how to handle the situation.

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4 Remarks

  1. That is wrong on so many levels. Wasn’t there a grown-up in the vicinity to call him out? Aren’t there Title 9 laws in effect in Hollywood? What about a Union Shop Steward?

    This is completely unacceptable.

  2. It’s why everyone forever has seen/heard mysoginist, abusive things and said nothing. They were afraid for their jobs and/or their futures.

  3. What a sick working environment. I’m glad all these women and men are speaking up. Time for some real reform in the film industry.

  4. Ellen not only are YOU are AMAZING and I loved your show (Gaycation) on VICE before the entire network disappeared. Your courage is so inspiring and I’m sorry all that happened to YOU and for YOU but it seems that his actions hurt you deeply but didn’t stop YOU from being this force-of-nature now with YOU being an activist like no one has seen before. I’m so thankful that YOU are here on this earth and your talented can’t be denied or overlooked. Okay, maybe YOU aren’t going to get the jobs that say before YOU came out, your name was topping the lists but YOU have this life-lesson with Brett that is never going to leave YOU. Right now YOU know that YOU will never allow this kind of treatment to take place and it’s hard being the first to speak out about something or someone but “WHAT’S RIGHT IS RIGHT! WHAT’S FAIR IS FAIR!” (Quote from “Legend of Billie Jean”). MS. Ellen, YOU are an Oscar-Nominated Actress, don’t let these clowns in Hollywood talk all type of crazy to YOU.

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