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Eddie Fisher, ex-husband of Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, and father of Carrie Fisher has died

Eddie Fisher, the singing star of the 50s and 60s whose personal life ended up overshadowing his career, has died at the age of 82.

Fisher, the father of actresses Carrie Fisher and Joely Fisher, was married to movie star Debbie Reynolds in 1958 when he left her and their two young children (including Carrie) for the recently widowed Elizabeth Taylor. It was a scandal now referred to as the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston situation of its time. Fisher (pictured, left, with her father) talked to us at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour in July about her parents and said of Eddie: “He didn’t have as big a career as Brad [Pitt's] to destroy but it was considerable. It is very similar and I did point that out to Brad once at a party and he pretended at least to know what I was talking about.  It destroyed my father but it wasn’t simply that divorce that destroyed him. It was just kind of every choice after that. … My dad, he’s not the sort of bastion of good judgment.”

Throughout the years, Carrie has made peace with her early family life and come to understand her parents relationship and their 1950s image as America’s Sweethearts: “They were crippled by that. They were never really in love. They loved being loved in a way as a couple. My mother says the went onto Yankees Stadium once and 30,000 people stood up and cheered. So literally they were a concept and born in a publicity office practically and they embraced being embraced.”

“My dad was never really in my life,” she added. “I saw him more on TV than in the planet. But I have a great relationship with him today.” was later married to actress Connie Stevens with whom he had two daughters including actress Joely.

He was known to be an absentee father to his kids with Miss Reynolds and wrote a memoir in which he revealed unflattering things about Debbie and Miss Taylor who famously left him for Richard Burton.

But Carrie helped the two actresses get their revenge in 2001 when she wrote the movie These Old Broads in which they both appeared and shared a touching scene when they talk about the ex-husband they have in common: “Freddie Hunter.”

Miss Taylor’s Hollywood agent character apologizes to Reynolds, who plays an actress, for stealing her husband all those years ago. She explained in an obvious dig at Fisher: “I married Freddy because I was in a blackout! What’s your excuse?”

Debbie says: “Well, he had a red convertible and because my mother told me to!”

“He was loved and will be missed by his four children: Carrie, Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh as well as his six grandchildren,” read the statement, according to Reuters. “He was an extraordinary talent and a true mensch.”

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  1. Again i say—this is nothing [[[taylor and reynolds]]] to compare jolie and jennifer——there were no kids involved and Brad was taken by Jen on the rebound—-Pitt from Paltrow–she dumped him –was not of her class?????–Fisher was a big jerk and he had two children when he left Debbie and was actually a coward –he screamed when the table was turned—Burton w/Liz–Fisher lost a lot because he did a lot of moral damage to ”HIS SMALL CHILDREN” HE IGNORED HIS AND SPENT TIME ON LIZ’S–A REAL NO NO—Fisher was a phony—Pitt had no kids w/Jen–if they had i know PItt would not have left his kids… different story and relationship..Jen wanted a toyboy and someone who looked good on her arm–they were both too shallow w/one another…..look at the reality of jolie and pitts life now!!!!get it!–ONLY JEN’S EGO WAS TRULY HURT….. sorry Jen but you will find your mate–not with this guy now …but you should wait a bit???

  2. i also have to add that Fisher did lose his popularity w/public—Connie Stevens had money and Fisher knew this–he got her pregnant and with reason—-$$$$$$–but Connie was not stupid and soon booted him out of her life…..when her daughter got married she spent 1 million on her wedding—not Fisher–but Connie—she had made good investments in her younger acting years and her make-up line……

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