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Eagle Scout outed on Facebook loses job at Boy Scouts summer camp because he is gay

There will come a time, and not very long from now, where this nonsense about gays and scouts will be over once and for all.

It’s just plain bigotry and discrimination just like DADT and DOMA and all the rest.

But that doesn’t do any good right now for Eagle Scout Garrett Bryant who has been fired from his job by the Boy Scouts after being outed on Facebook.

Under Scouting policy, gay youth are welcome, but gay adults are not. As a 19-year-old college freshman, Bryant knew that his chance to work again at a Boy Scout camp this summer — and hold any other future leadership position — depended on how well he hid his status as a gay man from his friends and colleagues in Scouting.

But with one Facebook post, Bryant was out — out as a gay adult in Scouting and, according to three sources in local Scouting, out of that summer job.

He thought the post was vague enough: In a moment of exuberance last month over meeting his first boyfriend, Bryant changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship,” adding no comment or details. But the status change prompted revealing, congratulatory comments from non-Scouting friends who knew his sexual orientation, such as “Oh, good for you, man, what’s his name?’”

Although Bryant deleted the comments it was over for him and camp leaders told him they would not hire him back to Camp Geronimo, outside of Phoenix, because they had seen the posts.

Bryant did everything he could to keep his sexual orientation private, and thought he wouldn’t fall under the Scouts’ discriminatory policy because of his age, but to no avail.
Here is an interview he’s done with MSNBC. Good luck Bryant and God bless.

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One Remark

  1. What a travesty. It doesn’t matter if someone is gay, straight, black, white or anything else!!

    The Eagle Scouts need to change their policy. I could see if the man were a sexual predator registered sex offender. But he is not.

    In 2014 it is shameful that gays can’t be in a leadership role working with kids, that basketball club owners like Donald Sterling are so racist and that some people are terrified of the even hearing the word “gay.”

    We all have to learn to get along with each other and work with each other — we are ALL people — NO MATTER!

    Ross Ellis
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    STOMP Out Bullying

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