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Dustin Lance Black in Houston with a cold where Tom Daley has arrived to do some serious training

Olympic bronze medalist Tom Daley and Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black have not publicly confirmed – or denied – that they are in a relationship.
But if you follow either of them on social media, the clues are there.
For example, they are probably together on Houston right now.
Lance, who did a whirlwind trip to Russia over the weekend, just posted this Facebook update from Houston: “It seems 36 hours of flying over one weekend isn’t so good for you. Laid up in bed with a cold now.”
Tom had said in his coming out YouTube video that he was leaving for Houston for training and tweeted yesterday: “Safely arrived into the states! A hard week of training ahead :)
I swear, I should just go to work for TMZ right now or maybe for a detective agency.
Nothing gets past me!
Oh, and Tom also tweeted: “Thanks for your support :) Still Tom. Still diving. Going for gold in 2016. What I am or who I date shouldn’t matter.”
Update: Black’s original sick with a cold update was posted as being from Houston. Then later a tweet about getting soup from Greenblatt’s in West Hollywood went up. Now the first update no longer has Houston on it.
I give up. Hope they are having fun and are healthy in Houston or in West Hollywood, together or apart.


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8 Remarks

  1. Everybody I know has had a cold this week. It must be going around.

    Hopefully, Dustin and Tom can just cuddle like a couple of bunnies while Dustin is under the weather. Instead of the other thing that bunnies usually do.

  2. December 6th, 2013 at 5:07 pm
    Robert Kabwe says:

    Sherlock Holmes I presume:)

  3. Their relationship has a lot of people talking. People are so critical of Dustin in particular because of his age and sex tape past.

  4. While I don’t doubt they’re dating, you’re speculating that they’re in Houston together with no proof. According to Black’s facebook page he’s in L.A. and got soup from Greenblatt’s deli in West Hollywood to help his cold.

  5. I know Chris, I’m giving up on my TMZ aspirations. The update was posted as being posted from Houston. Then later the Greenblatt tweet went up – from LA. Now the first update no longer has Houston on it. Hmm.

  6. Maybe they’re just trying to throw off the papparazi’s scent so they can get some uninterrupted nookie time?

  7. This is a video of Tom Daley that was taken just a day ago at the campus gym at the University of Houston (I’m a student there and can confirm that it’s the gym).

    Is that Dustin Lance Black (in the black shirt) in the background?

  8. Thanks for sharing Brian – I’ve just done a post on it! :)

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