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“Duck Dynasty” Update: He’s baaaaack ….

A&E has reversed its earlier decision to suspend Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson for his anti-gay comments to GQ Magazine.

It seems pretty clear the network is basing its decisions on which way the wind is blowing. At first, the outrage so let’s suspend him. Then wait a minute, there’s backlash from his supporters who are making this about free speech. Okay, he’s not become a pariah, we can save our franchise.

Oh, brother.

I wrote about it yesterday over at Gay Star News. Hope on over to see what A&E has to say in defense of itself and what GLAAD has to say in response.

NOTE: I’m not going to post any useless “Why are we writing about this?” or “Just ignore him” comments. What is happening here says so much about the country in which we live in 2013.

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7 Remarks

  1. A&E proved that they are not ‘Arts and Entertainment’ but just plain money whores.

  2. I think they have ten or twelve shows finished and in the can. Guess they figure since they are bought and paid for……….

  3. I have had major problems with this whole “controversy” since it first began. Who would imagine a week and a half could feel like fourteen years?

    Phil Robertson is an ass. He thinks gay men like having sex with animals and black people loved being treated like shit. He’s a multi-millionaire pretending to be white trash so he can make more millions.

    But he has every right to express his ignorance in a national magazine (did anyone even wonder why the former yuppie patriarch turned bearded redneck chose GQ to talk to in the first place?). And A&E had every right to suspend him from his reality show as a result.

    However, I think A&E has been hypocritical from the beginning. He was profiled in GQ and I’m assuming A&E knew about it beforehand. He made asinine statements that were seemingly in line with sentiments he’s expressed both in real life and on his TV show. And then, after expressing how horrified they were that Phil was an ass, they turned around and said, “Just kidding, we love you, Philip!!!”

    I would threaten to boycott A&E but I don’t watch the channel anyway and quite honestly, I could care less what a millionaire pretending to be a self-righteous “Christian” hillbilly thinks. Let him ponder the difference between a vagina and an anus. I prefer thinking of my lovers as real people instead of orifices, which probably explains why I’m not an insanely rich reality show celebrity.

  4. Greg,You are right in to keep posting about sorry useless waste of space like this creature. You keep us in the loop on what as you said about what is going on in this country these days. Sort of a take on keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer.Tho there are those you might say who cares what he says or thinks, dangerous toxic ‘people’ like him should be exposed at every chance because they bear watching out for. Thanks for not wanting to keep your head in the sand and for keeping us informed about the dangers we are facing from their ilk.

  5. If I compared my boss wife to a beastly animal I would get fired. It’s called fuckin life

  6. I like knowing who my enemies are. I support free speech, even when it is hate speech. I know that A&E is in business to make money and that’s why they are producing such dreck as Duck Dynasty and are no longer (if ever) a threat to Public TV.

    That said, Bubba Phil should be condemned for being a racist, homophobe. The more we call people like him out, instead of trying to suppress them, the better we will be as a nation.

    That’s my two cents.

  7. call the man dog lips.

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