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Dr. Reid Oliver realizes he is “powerless” as he falls in love with Luke Snyder on “As the World Turns”

Luke Snyder has got to be the most adorable, most loyal – and most meddlesome! – boyfriend around.

Now that he doesn’t have Noah Mayer’s life to get involved in, he has segued right into the life of his current boyfriend, Dr. Reid Oliver.

Reid confided in Luke that he was treating Chris for a serious illness and when Luke runs into Chris at the hospital, he starts to give unsolicited advice telling him he needs to stop keeping his illness a secret.

Back at the house, Reid and Luke talk about love and loss and as Reid is speaking about investing emotions in someone, it seems to dawn on him that he is indeed falling in love with Luke and he is powerless to stop it!

The couple start a hot and heavy make-out session (scandal!) bit it’s interrupted yet again.

Reid says to Luke: “To be continued.”

We’ll be holding him to that!

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One Remark

  1. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. :-)

    Dr. Reid has been a major turn-off for me because his character feels like a fake soap opera character as opposed to a real human being. Whereas Luke & Noah have a natural on-screen chemestry that not even the writer’s can quash, Luke & Dr. FrankenReid are just boring. At least when Luke was with Noah the other day they showed fire and passion even in argument. You could see the chemestry between Luke & Noah- relationships are about love and fights and making up and being happy and stubborn and crazy and passionate.

    Heck, last week during Luke and Noah’s “goodbye” scene, Noah kept up with all of Luke’s arguments until they got to the part about Noah telling Luke months ago he was leaving without Luke. It almost looked like Noah wanted to say- ‘I didn’t want to push you away, but the writers made me!’ Then they had to go and make Noah look like the bad guy after seeing Reid at a hotel with another man. (A plot misunderstanding straight out of Three’s Company.)

    At this point it doesn’t seem like neither the LuRe or the Nuke fans will be happy because the writers simply are rushing these storylines along too fast with the end in sight. Luckily I know Van and Jake will deliver a powerful ending, no matter what happens.

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