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Dr. Phil weighs in harshly on what he labels a “non-apology” from homophobic Arkansas school official Clint McCance

drphil11.jpgEven though much of Anderson Cooper 360 was devoted to the foiled terrorist attack aimed at two Jewish centers in Chicago, our silver-haired host was sure to carve out some time to follow up on Thursday’s exclusive interview with Clint McCance, vice president of the Midland School District in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas.

McCance made some of the most horrific comments on Facebook that I have ever seen in responce to a request that students wear purple in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth who might be considering suicide:

Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the face that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE.

He also wrote when responding to comments: “No because being a (slur) doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives.  If you get easily offended by being called a (slur) then don’t tell anyone you are a (slur). Keep that (expletive) to yourself.  I don’t care how people decide to live their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it to thereselves.  It pisses me off though that we make a special purple (gay slur) day for them. I like that (slur) cant procreate.  I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.  If you aren’t against it, you might as well be for it.”

He said a lot more. He uses the words “queers” and “fags” left and right and Anderson Cooper quoted him verbatim because he wanted to remind people of the ugliness of the words and the power they have over kids.

When I watched McCance’s interview with Anderson Thursday, I thought his apology for his language was an honest one because he was honest enough to say that he didn’t know if he would ever use that kind of language again and that he didn’t know what he’d do if one of his kids turned out to be gay. He did not go back on his comment that he would run them off.

My thought was that he was ignorant and homophobic but that maybe was on the road to learning about just how twisted he is.

But Dr. Phil McGraw, who Anderson had on the show last night, watched the interview and did not feel McCance even apologized and does not seem sorry for anything except for the fact that his bigoted comments have become a national story.

Said Dr. Phil: “My concern is that, because this is getting so much attention….the downside of it is that gay, lesbian transgender and questioning youth right now can say ‘see that’s how they really feel’ and we drive them further back.”

Here is the segment:

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