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Doris Day on Rock Hudson: ‘He was one of the funniest men I’ve ever known – and the nicest’

Turner Classic Movies is paying tribute to Rock Hudson this month and to help kick things off, his great friend and co-star Doris Day has participated in a wonderful video tribute.

She just turned 90 and sounds terrific.

Miss Day still grows emotional when talking about Hudson, her co-star in three romantic comedies including the 1959 smash Pillow Talk.

‘The world lost a talented actor and a fine human being when he passed away,’ she says.

The actress gets choked up a bit and adds: ‘I lost one of my dearest friends and I still miss him so much.’

‘He was one of the funniest men I’ve ever known – and the nicest.’

The popular movie pair also starred in the early 1960s films Send Me No Flowers and Lover Come Back.

‘He was the very epitome of a true movie star with his good looks, athletic build and winning personality,’ Miss Day says. ‘Rock lit up the screen.’

They had not met until signed to star in Pillow Talk but their friendship was instant and lasted until Hudson’s death.

Even when they weren’t appearing in the same movie, Day says Hudson would often visit her on a set and they would enjoy ‘the wonderful friendship we were blessed with.’

‘We became friends from our very first meeting and he remained a dear part of my family all of his life.’

They were so close that even as Hudson, a closeted gay man throughout his career, kept a commitment to appear with Day to launch her new talk show in 1985 – the last year of his life.

Hudson was dying of AIDS and his ravaged appearance that July shocked the public. He was dead by October, six weeks shy of his 60th birthday.



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4 Remarks

  1. They broke the mold when they made Rock. His comedies were great. He had great timing and didn’t seem to mind being silly. He could also do drama, and action movies. I’ve never heard a story where he was mean or thoughtless to someone. Many of todays actors could take a lesson from Mr. Hudson. He was one of my first big crushes when I was a kid. Rock will always hold a place in my heart.

  2. Gosh, I sure wish she would come out one last time and accept that special (for years of service to HOllywood)academy award they have been wanting to give her for the last 30 years for being one of the last real movie stars. Oh, and for being one hell of a great lady to.

  3. It doesn’t seem possible that its been that long since we lost Rock to that horrible disease. He was truly one of a kind and I have loved watching the old movies that he did with Doris. Not only that it’s wonderful that even back then you had people who accepted gay people. It just warms my heart. Now I want to watch Pillow Talk.

  4. There’ll never be another screen team like Doris and Rock. They were wonderful, and their comedies made lots of us happy during the 60s. I enjoy them to this day. It’s hard to believe that the great singer/actress Doris Day has just turned 90! Makes me creak at the thought!

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