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Don Lemon: ‘The president of the United States is lying to us – over and over and over and over again’

CNN’s Don Lemon discusses President Trump’s recent unproven claims of the intelligence community “spying” on the Trump campaign. He calls out Trump as a liar. ‘America is in the middle of a crisis – a crisis that threatens our foundation… a crisis created to blind us to the truth. The president of the United States is lying to us – over and over and over and over again.”

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4 Remarks

  1. is he?

    how many times has clapper redefined what happened? i get the dislike of the man…..he was mocked when he said trump tower was bugged….. year later this comes out….. are we back to it depends on what the definition of is is???? if it is true…will he go after them the way he does him?? will he apologize or at least admit he was wrong? lastly how many cnn stories and reports in last year had to be taken back due to being wrong?? i dont support the guy….but i support fairness to all whether i like em or not…. and i feel for most part the press has lost all objectivity and are not reporting news as news but rather their personal opinions and personal speculations..

  2. I am glad you post stuff like this Greg!

  3. If Neon Hitler’s lips are moving, he is lying. If you don’t see it, there’s something mentally wrong with you too.

  4. May 26th, 2018 at 9:53 pm
    Richard V says:

    We people of any good sense know Trump is lying as soon as he opens his mouth. Need to vote his fellow republicans out of office to make his last two years dead in the water. Robert Mueller has my prayers to get and deliver the truth of this investigation.
    CNN… love those Commercials and Don Lemon… love you man.

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