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Tom Daley on first boyfriend: “It really was love at first sight. I’d never felt like anything like it before”

Tom Daley isn’t publicly confirming that Dustin Lance Black is the man in his life but he’s not denying it either.

In an interview to air this weekend with ITV’s Jonathan Ross, the 19-year-old Olympic swimmer opens up about what he says is his first romantic relationship with another man.

“It really was love at first sight, I’d never felt like anything like it before. We were at a party and I hadn’t even spoken to him all night.

“I didn’t know what to do or if he was gay at first. I made the first move, I typed ‘call me’ in his notes with a smiley face on this phone and the next day he texted.

“He makes me feel safe and happy, right now I couldn’t be happier.

“I’d never felt the feeling of love, it happened so quickly, I was completely overwhelmed by it to the point I can’t get him out of my head all the time. I’ve never had it before where I love someone and they love me just as much.”

There have been a lot of bitches out there harping on  the age difference between Daley and Black (he’s 39) and it seems like bitter grapes to me. I mean, so WHAT? Just think about the first time you ever really fell in love and how magical and special that initial period of time was.

Tom is in that now and I for one am happy for him!



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5 Remarks

  1. The experience I have had with age difference first there is no “age differences”; the number of years is not the factor. The factor, like in any relationship is/are relationship issues that matter. The experiences I have had — are with jealously issues from outside the relationship, like such things as “what does he have that I do not have”… Yes, explanation of just who is Clark Gable or what is vhs or did you own a yellow Gremlin and are those fun who/what/where subjects to be explained.

  2. Regarding the age difference, if I had gotten my hands on a hot 39 year old when I was 20, I would have put him in a wheelchair.

  3. The age difference is not big deal. I was always attracted to men younger than me. When I was 39, an 19 year-old guy who was in the Army had a huge crush on me. We dated, had a lot of fun, and it was what it was. I hope he’s well today. :)

  4. Um, he says he didn’t know if his boyfriend was gay or not. I guess it’s conceivable that he didn’t know who Dustin was at first and thus didn’t know he was gay, but that seems a little of a stretch.

    However, if Dustin is actually his boyfriend, any “age difference” is between them. It doesn’t matter if anyone else has a problem with it or not. If it’s not an issue for them, it’s not an issue. When I was 27, I fell head over heels for a beautiful man that was 40. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But that doesn’t make it wrong. I’ve been involved with younger guys too, but – shocking confession – I tend to be attracted to guys, not to age groups. It’s the person I’m attracted to, not whether he’s younger or older or the same age as me.

    If Dustin and Tom are in love, more power to them! I wish them joy and laughter and a lifetime of amazing.

  5. If this is true, what a better way to start in love that with someone –whom I imagine to be- so caring a centered as Dustin Lance Black? Even if it is a young infatuation –that by the way, it’s wonderful, some people never experience one- he is in good hands. Whatever it last, it doesn’t matter. Paraphrasing and translating a local saying: Who can steal the moments you enjoyed dancing?

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