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Did you know Anderson Cooper has two older half-brothers including one he hasn’t seen for decades??

Anderson Cooper has written and talked about the tragic death of his brother Carter who at the age of 23 leaped to his death in front of their mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

But I was not aware that Miss Vanderbilt has two older sons from her 10-year marriage to renowned conductor Leopold Stokowski which ended in 1955. Their sons are Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski (known as Stan), born August 22, 1950 and Christopher Stokowski, born January 31, 1952.

Anderson and Carter Cooper’s father is the late magazine editor Wyatt Cooper who died in 1977 at the age of 50.

The year after his stepfather’s death, Christopher Stokowski cut himself off from his family and has never returned to the fold, even after his brother’s suicide.

According to the Daily Mail, Gloria has only spoken once publicly about Chris, telling the Daily Telegraph in 2004: ‘He cut himself off completely from all of us. He told us what he wanted to do and he’s done it.

‘When Carter died I thought he would come back but he didn’t. And we respect his wishes.’

Stan Stockowski reportedly remains close to his mother and has given her three grandchildren.

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6 Remarks

  1. And how many people can say the same thing has happened in their families…lots. Sometimes for the better I think. I used to think you did anything to keep the family together. I learned otherwise.

  2. I worked for Stan Stokowski in Philadelphia a number of years ago, managed one of several stores for him. What a sweet, gentle and wonderful guy he was then.. down to earth, very caring human. Treated me with generosity and kindness.

  3. March 24th, 2016 at 12:29 pm
    Violet Schlesinger says:

    I would like to have Stan Stokowski get in touch with me. I have a dozen 1958 photos of his father conducting a rehearsal in New York.

  4. Anderson is right about inheritance. It is a curse since it brings greed and heartache!

  5. September 27th, 2016 at 5:12 pm
    Mary DeVaul-Levy says:

    Anderson, I think that you are so handsome, smart and seems to be a genuine person. Benjamin is very fortunate to be your partner. Whenever I watch CNN, I always enjoy you. In fact I
    am watching you now during an interview with a body language expert. (With that said I am a (65 yr. old black straight female born and raised in Mississippi). My 73 year old straight causuan husband and BFF of thirty-eight years, was born and raised in Pennsylvania. You can imagine how our courtship and marriage played out in “Jim Crow” Mississippi.
    Please know that this a compliment period. I wish you well as you continue your career as a polisher professional and happiness with Benjamin.

    God bless you and Benjamin,

  6. December 29th, 2016 at 8:31 pm
    Gregory Stokowski says:

    Just watching the Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper special on CNN, Nothing Unsaid. Have always enjoyed and respected Anderson’s reporting on CNN in a fair and balanced way. Have records of Leopold Stokowski,have heard and read his amazing history. We visited Poland last summer visiting Stokowski family still in Poland and have always had a keen interest in our family heritage and history.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the special and the open, honest story that was shared with all of us.


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