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Despite the risks, Neil Patrick Harris explains why he would only do NBC’s “Best Time Ever” if it was live

Caught the third episode of Best Time Ever last night and I officially love it. Neil Patrick Harris is really finding his groove as host and the live format gives the show an extra edge. Last night, heavy winds in Chicago forced the show to scrap a stunt with a big inflatable slide with an engaged couple who were trying to win a trip to Australia.

Instead, some hilarious video clips involving Cobie Summers - meant for a future episode – were used instead.

NPH talked to the Wall Street Journal about the live element of the show:

I’ve only considered it an option as being live. If it were not, it would need to be produced in a way that guaranteed results. But that’s why you want to watch it, because you’re never sure how it’s going to go. Is the person going to win the money? Is the End of the Show Show going to succeed? Is the audience on the couch going to be surprised? If that was pre-taped, you’d just assume that there has been a lot of editing. I’ve been very opinionated about having the authenticity of guests be real. I do not want to be casting only people that are perky, young, fun, enthusiastic types who will be good on TV. If we pull out the name of someone for the game and they’re not into it, or terrified, or a dud, that’s great. I can riff off of that all show long. I don’t know that NBC feels the same way I do, because they understandably want to make sure it’s very view-able television. But throw me curve balls, and I’ll take a crack at them.



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