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“Designing Women” Thursday: Suzanne goes off on Cappy Badminton at Bernice’s sanity hearing

Sugarbaker Ladies

Big surprise here: I love this episode!

Bernice Clifton (the wonderful Alice Ghostley) has to prove that she’s not crazy to a judge. The ladies are really no help because they keep coming off as crazier than Bernice!
The worst is Suzanne (Delta Burke) who arrives at the court proceedings direct from an international cruise that has left her sunburned and cranky.
Of particular annoyance to Suzanne was a woman on board named Cappy Badminton who didn’t like to cover up.

“She didn’t wear a top for seven straight days,” Suzanne complained. “Just any excuse to go around naked and act like you don’t speak English, If the sun came out , that top off, if the sun went down, that top came off. If the moon came out that top came off. I tell you, my whole life I’ve never been so sick of looking at one girl’s breasts.”

Later in the episode, Bernice testifies on her own behalf and her complaints about the niece who thinks she’s crazy are hilarious. Enjoy!


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