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“Designing Women” Thursday: Suzanne Sugarbaker goes bowling but refuses to trade in her shoes this episode from season four, the ladies challenge an obnoxious all-male design firm to a bowling match as they compete for a redecorating job.

Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke), who has probably never stepped foot into a bowling alley before, is appalled when the woman behind the counter asks Suzanne to leave behind her designer high heels in exchange for a pair of bowling shoes.

The former beauty queen assures the woman that she has no intention of trying to walk off with a pair of “clown shoes” with the sweat of untold numbers of “poor people.”

Sunanne ends up bowling in her high heels.


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3 Remarks

  1. How did Delta Burke never win an Emmy for playing Suzanne?

  2. The TV Academy was far too busy handing out awards to Candice Bergen. She won five times before taking herself out of the running. Delta was nominated twice for best actress but none of the other cast members were. Ridiculous.

  3. Yep…the funny thing is that I really don’t hear Murphy Brown talked about anymore while Designing Women is still much-loved. Why, again, did Candice Bergen win 5 Emmy’s??? And the fact that only Delta was nominated during the show’s run…good grief! All the Golden Girls won an Emmy (deservedly so), but the fact that DW only won a single Emmy (for hairdressing, yikes!) is just shameful.

    Sorry, got on a little rant there. :) By the way, thanks for Designing Women Thursdays…they make me smile.

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