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Daytime Soap Clips: The latest chapter in the life of “One Life to Live” gay cop Oliver Fish’d give One Live to Live an Emmy for its wonderful telling of the Oliver Fish coming out story.

At the very least, it will win a GLAAD Award next year and will absolutely deserve it. Luke and Noah on As the World Turns showed us a gay storyline could be done on daytime without the world coming to an end but One Life to Live has shown that such a storyline can be done realistically and done very well.

These clips from last week (sorry for the delay!) are major in the life of Officer Fish (Scott Evans) who after coming out to his friends, comes out to his parents. It’s not neat and tidy just as it rarely is in life. The mother already knew but “thought it was a phase” and the dad can’t handle it.

They do not react in the way you would hope and there is work to be done there. Boy, I can relate!

Then there is Kyle ((Brett Claywell), Fish’s former college love who is trying to move on with his life by dating the hunky Nick with whom he shares a kiss. But his feelings for Oliver still linger and Nick (Nicolas Rodriguez) is heartbroken when he realizes why.

It’s terrific stuff! Kudos to the writers, actors, producers, network etc!



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2 Remarks

  1. If only there were the time these days to watch shows like this. All the more, I wish there had been television like this when I was growing up. I would have run home to catch the latest episodes, dishing it with friends on the phone (it’s what we had before the Internet, kids).

    I envy the youth of today.

  2. Thanks for showing these clips so I don’t have to watch the whole show.

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