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Daytime Soap Clips: Heartbroken Oliver tries to change Kyle’s mind about marrying Nick and fails – for now seems that Greg In Hollywood is a little behind on posting clips from ABC’s One Life to Live which is currently playing out the best gay storyline in the history of daytime television.

So let’s catch up on the lives of Oliver, Kyle, Nick., Layla and Cristian. The first clip is all Layla and Cristian, Oliver Fish’s best friends and roommates whose building attraction finally results in a long-awaited kiss – and a very sexy one! It doesn’t hurt that the very nice muscles of Cristian (the hunky David Fumero, pictured left) are on full display in this scene and in the scenes below with Oliver (Scott Evans).

What’s so great about what’s happening on One Life right now is that they have made these characters – gay or straight – believable. At the start of the scene in the second clip, Oliver comes home and Cristian is shirtless working on a painting. He quickly puts his short on and Oliver busts him: “You think it’s too tempting for me to see you with your shirt off? You’re not really my type.”

Cristian asks Oliver what his type is. His answer? “Kyle.”

Kyle (Brett Claywell) is set to marry his boyfriend Nick (Nicolas Rodriguez) in a symbolic ceremony the very next day. Cristian tells Oliver that Nick has “got nothing on you. Kyle is settling. Isn’t this kind of sudden? They’ve been dating for what, 10 minutes?”

Meanwhile, we flash to Nick and Kyle. Nick senses his boyfriend’s reluctance and says: “Look Kyle, don’t do me any favors. This isn’t some kind of a peer pressure after school special kind of moment. I’ll think more of you if you just come clean and tell me you’re not ready to go through with this. You don’t have to prove anything by going along with this.”

But Kyle remains committed – for now.

The final clip below is a heartbreaker. Oliver shows up at Kyle’s place and puts his feelings right there on the line: “Kyle, I love you. You’d rather make some kind of a political statement than build something with me?”

Kyle, deeply hurt by the formerly closeted Oliver in the past, is not moved: “I need a guy who isn’t afraid to walk down the street and hold my hand. Nick and I, we’re not perfect, but he’s what I need.”

Oliver, recently out to his parents, friends and co-workers, asks Kyle to wait for him. Kyle responds that he’s “been waiting for you since the first time I met you and you kept rejecting me over and over and over. … Look, I’ve moved on. I’m sorry that the timing doesn’t work but, that’s life.”

Oliver remains composed enough to wish Kyle luck with Nick but once outside the apartment, he breaks down and cries.

It is heartbreaking.


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