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Daytime Soap Clip: Will Horton has a meltdown on New Year’s Eve, starts to release his burdens

If you’ve been following these clips of Days of Our Lives in recent weeks, then you are just dying to have Will just spill the beans about seeing his mother, Sami, having sex with her ex-husband, E.J.

It starts to come to a head on New Year’s Eve. After Will bolts from a party in the town square, he goes to grandma Marlena’s house and starts to unload.

“I’m such a complete idiot,” he tells his grandma. “My life is a complete mess. I can’t even act normal around my friends anymore. … I can’t control my emotions. My life is spinning out of control.”

Marlena suggests he sit down but Will, pacing, cannot: “I can’t sit down grandma, I can’t breathe. I’m too stressed.”

At this point, we don’t know if Will is going to share about being gay or about his mom.

He goes with Sami.

“Mom cheated on Rafe and I saw her having sex with E.J. … She cheated on Rafe! Grandma, she lied to him! And she lied to you and she lied to me. She’s a selfish SLUT and I cannot stand that she’s getting away with it.”

There it is. He’s told someone about THAT. The gay thing will take awhile longer. But the seeds are being planted. Will meets up with Sonny and a flirtatious and very appealing Tyler at the party and is clearly intrigued with their chemistry – terrified, but intrigued.

EJ is watching them from afar and you can see the wheels turning in his head about Will hanging out with the gay guys.

Stay tuned everyone!

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  1. This was by far one of the most dramatic episodes on Days of our Lives involving Will Horton. I was sitting on the edge of my seat not knowing what Will was about to tell his Grandma. This drama is one of the best with all of its twists and turns involving such a great cast and storyline, not to mention all of the “cuties” appearing in each episode.

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