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Daytime Soap Clip: Watch some of the best Will Horton scenes yet on dramatic “Days of Our Lives”’m only a recent viewer of Days of Our Lives, drawn in by the promise of a gay storyline. So I don’t know how the show fared without its most famous cast member: Deidre Hall.

But what I do know is that I’m so glad she’s back on the show in time for her character of Dr. Marlena Evans to help her grandson, Will Horton (Chandler Massey), come to the realization that he is gay.

Today’s scenes between the two are just heartbreaking and such a glorious payoff for we fans who suffered through the horrible computer hacking story!

Marlena and Will are having a heart-to-heart and a tearful Will says: ‘I want to be able to feel like I can breathe again.’

He explains his ex-girlfriend, Gabi, was right to break up with him because things were not right between them.

‘I wanted to be the boyfriend that she wanted but it felt so fake and she knew that. She called me on it. … She probably knew how I felt more than I did.’

Will then closes back up. But Marlena knows he’s on his way to a breakthrough: “Whatever you tell me, please remember I will always – always – love you and I will never judge you.”

Those are words any kid struggling with their sexuality would dearly love to hear.

Will later runs into Sonny at the pub where Sonny is to meet a gay friend Tyler who may or may not be a love interest. The two share an easy chemistry and humor and there’s a longing in Will’s eyes as he watches them interact.

It’s just heartbreaking and so real.

Further proof why Mr. Massey won the Greggy Award this week for Daytime Soap Star of the Year.

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  1. OMG DOOL is getting soooo good!! Chandler is an amazing actor and deserves an Emmy !!! I’ve been crying during his last couple of performances. Thanks for your support Greg!!! Looove u,

  2. I thought Chandler did an outstanding job in the episode that aired 12/29. It felt so real. I had tears in my eyes too! I can’t wait for more. I hope they handle his first romance (with Sonny hopefully) equally well.

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