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Daytime Emmys 2009: Live-blog from the telecast

P1010784 by you.
5: 01:p.m. Host Vanessa Williams is onstage singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You with special daytime lyrics. Okay, I’ll go with it!
5:05 p.m. Everyone is in from the red carpet and the nice press room is now a zoo. I basically hate everyone who has bumped into my chair – all 150 of them! Guy just knocked over my Diet Coke. I yelled at him.
5:09 p.m. A tie! Vincent Irizarry of All My Children has just won for best supporting actor. Also winning was Jeff Branson of soon-to-be ended Guiding Light. How the heck do two guys win and one of them not named Van Hansis?
5:16 p.m.,: Outstanding game show winner is: Cash Cab wins for second year in a row. Never heard of it. It’s on Discovery Channel. Will have to check it out.

5:18 p.m.: Vincent Irizarry is backstage with his Emmy. He’s very tall. “It’s a crap shoot all in all. … I feel grateful that I’ve been able to work in this medium for 25 years on four shows. It’s icing  on the cake but the cake tastes pretty darn good.”
Vincent will he move with the show to LA:? Has not decided yet, has until Sept. 8.
5:23 p.m. Co-winner in supporting actor Jeff  Branson is talking to us right now. Of the tie (his name was called second) “I love Vencent (Irizarry) to death but I think it was the longest speech I’ve ever heard in my life! It felt like the longest minute of my life. … I have to be honest with you, I wanted to win this baby.”
5:31:p.m. Rachael Ray is here now, winner of best talk show for second year in a row. “I think it means an enormous a lot to all of us. It’s a celebration for the whole team .. it feels great.”
Rachael was asked h0w she balances all the demands on her. The daily show, the magazine and basically being a brand. She says: “I’m just get up and go to work and I’m thankful to have a job  in a recession… I’ve always been a happy worker.”
5:39 p.m. Younger actress winner Julie Berman who plays Lulu Spencer on General Hospital. On her character playing the field and being unable to find lasting love. She said: “I don’t mind making out with lots of men!”
She also wouldn’t mind working more with onscreen mother Laura Spencer played by Genie Francis: “I think there’s a lot at stake with Genie’s time. I don’t know the in and outs of why she’s on a certain period of time and why she’s not. It would not hurt the show to have her come back and if she were to come back I would be all for it.”
5:50 p.m. It’s nuts back here but fun. Tight quarters and winners coming back here at a rapid pace. Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann on screen now presenting best supporting actress award. Tamara Braun is the winner and looks to be in utter shock. BTW, Van looks very cute!
5:52 p.m. Montiel Williams is back here talking about his trip to Africa on behalf of Feed the Children with Susan Lucci, Tony Geary and Kelly Monaco. He was asked what he thought of celebrities like Madonna adopting kids from Africa: “It has nothing to do with celebrities. Every child deserves a chance to live. i have no problem.
But, he also adds: “Me personally, I prefer that we adopt children from America”.
5:57 p.m. Tyra Banks show wins talk show (informative) category.
5:59 p.m. Tamara Banks of Days of Our Lives is back here: “I wasn’t there very long but they opened their hearts to me.” “I really did not expect to be standing here.”
6:04 p.m. Darrin Brooks of Days of Our Lives wins best younger actor. The directing team from One Life to Live are back here talking about their Emmy win.
6: 11 p.m. Tyra Banks is backstage. She is stunning. Of the win: “This Emmy means so, so much. Last year we won and we were so excited. I was a little fearful that we wouldn’t necessarily win again.”
What’s next for Tyra? “I’m starting a new online magazine and it premieres Sept. 8. It’s Tyra
On Sept. 11 she will share how she lost weight. She will not tell us how much. She looked great before and looks great now.
She’s wearing a ring and asked what it means. She says: “It’s my high school ring!”
Tyra loves Tweeting. It’s really her Tweeting, not some corporation.
P1010786 by you.
6:19 p.m. Darrin Brooks, (I snapped a shot of him walking into the room w/shin y new Emmy) was the winner of the younger actor award, is in press room.
“I’m so proud,” he says of his win. He is thanking agent and manager and acting coach now because “I totally forgot up there.”
The man who won for playing Max Brady on Days of Our Lives was asked how he felt when his name was called: “It was what it looked like. I stumbled, I got nervous, I shook a little bit. I forgot so many people and I swore (on national TV).”
New comedy on Spike TV will have raunchy language: “Everything but the F-bomb so I’ll fit right in.”
6:28 p.m. I just walked by Big Bird backstage at the Daytime Emmys. Not kidding.
6:31 p.m. Outstanding Talk Show host winners: The View! They did not show up!!!
6:38 p.m. Betty White is onstage! She is 87 and a national treasure. She says to crowd: “Well do you know how tio spoil a girl. And I use the term “girl” loosely.” She is paying tribute to Guiding Light.
Betty had a very Sue Ann Nivens line to host Vanessa Williams: “Thank you Vanessa … now please go put something on.”
6:48 p.m. Susan Lucci loses again! Just kidding. The daytime legend was not nominated. Susan Haskell of One Life to Live wins best actress. Most thought Jeanne Cooper would win again this year.
6:50 p.m. Christian LeBlanc has won for best actor for Young and the Restless.
6:56 p.m. Susan Haskell is back here now. “I really didn’t expect it. I’m really excited.” It is her second win on her second nomination. She’s happy to have a little bit of time off this summer.”
Onstage: Bold and the Beautiful won for best drama.
P1010787 by you.
7 p.m. Christian LeBlanc (pictured walking into the press room with his Emmy, was the winner of best actor beating out Tony Geary among others. He says he got his picture taken with Sesame Street. Says fellow nominees “couldn’t be a classier group of guys.”
He was emotional because someone texted him right before he won and said: “Be present.”
On his speech: “They send you a letter telling you to be coherent in 30 seconds.”
P1010791 by you.
7:26 p.m. The entire cast of Bold and the Beautiful is back here. Huge cast! I only recognize Susan Flannery, Patrick Duffy, Jack Wagner and Alley Mills. Dare me to ask Jack Wagner to sing “All I Need.” ???
Update: I don’t ask Jack to sing in the end but plenty of peeps following the blogging on Facebook and Twitter dared me to.
7: 50 p.m. I’ve packed up to leave but the cast of Bold and the Beautiful is everywhere. So I start snapping some pics of them including Miss Flannery who tells me they are very happy about the won for outstanding drama. This is one of the great actresses of daytime and winner of four Emmys herself.
P1010797 by you.
The great Susan Flannery of The Bold and the Beautiful.
P1010792 by you.
P1010796 by you.
A few shots of the still-handsome Patrick Duffy currently of B&B but best known as Bobby Ewing from Dallas as well as The Man  from Atlantis and eight seasons as Suzanne Somers hubby on the sitcom Step by Step. Pretty good career, huh?
P1010795 by you.
This handsome guy is Brandon Beemer who plays Owen Knight on B&B. When you see a guy this good looking, you snap the photo and asked questions later. I had no idea who he was since I don’t watch the soap and after I got my shot, quietly asked a fellow reporter who watches the show. I’m now a Brandon Beemer fan!
10:25 p.m. I’m home now, putting a few finishing touches to this post. Let me just say that I really love daytime soap stars because they are a down-to-Earth bunch for the most part and seem to love what they do and love their fans. It’s a joy to cover them.


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  1. Cash Cab, Greg :)
    It’s an awesome game show.

  2. I agree with you : Van should have won! He definitely is the best actor! I’m sad for him. And you’re right : Van looked very cute!

  3. August 31st, 2009 at 9:11 am
    Mark Kellam says:

    Great coverage of the Daytime Emmys, Greg! And, yes, Brandon Beemer of beeeautiful!

  4. Seems very good info. Great job !

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