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Daytime Soap Clip: Sami blows her chance to get closer to her son Will on “Days of Our Lives”

You had to figure that our Will Horton could not stay mad at his mom forever.

After being prodded by her mother, Marlena, Sami tries to put aside her own problems – and total self-absorption – to try and connect with her son.

‘You’re my son and Will Horton, I am not going to lose you,” Sami says as the two meet for coffee in the town square. “I just want to be your mom again.”

Will is skeptical: “The past 6 months, all of our conversations have been about you. So why the sudden interest?”

Replies Sami: “I know you think you hate me right now… You are dealing with something that has nothing to do with me and you felt completely alone. … I promise I will help you in any way that I can. I will listen, I will have your back.”

Will’s walls begin to come down and through some tears he tells Sami: “I am kind of messed up..,I’m confused. I have these feelings that I can’t get rid of. Basically my life kind of sucks right now.”

As his mothers grabs his hand, Will tells her that he feels like he’s in one of those dreams where you are driving going down a steep hill and brakes give out.

She tells him: “You can handle it. You are so strong, I know you can get through anything. I totally believe in you.”

Sami is making progress but then she slips back into self-absorption and Will immediately senses the shift. He pulls away.

“It’s always about you,” he tells her. “You want so bad to look like the pefect mother, the perfect wife. That’s why you screw everything up because you havre no energy left to actually do it.”

Will just looks so sad at the end of the episode, you just wanna give the poor kid a hug.

Here are today’s scenes:

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  1. I just LOVE these days of our Will clips you put on here. I come everyday to see if there is a new clip. I am so hooked on this story and can’t wait for more. I so feel and relate to what the character of Will is going through and it’s s well written. I look forward to following Will’s journey to the point where it will eventually get better and he can find himself in the same headspace as Sonny.

    Keep the clips coming! Thank you thank you thank you.

    And Mr Massey, if you are reading this….well done!! You’ve earned yourself another fan.

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