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Days of Our Lives: Nick lets Will know he is his blackmailer and demands he give up parental rights

Well, it’s all out in the open now.

Will and Sonny have gotten back together just in time for Nick to barge in and spoil their bliss.

Nick makes it clear that he know Will shot EJ and that he plans to use the information unless Will signs over his parental rights.

We know Nick has had this in the works but what he said about wacko Sami is right on. The woman is a total menace to Gabi and the baby – like a restraining order-type menace.

But Nick is no peach. Will shot EJ when he was a lad but Nick KILLED someone!

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4 Remarks

  1. I hate Nick with a passion and I so can’t wait until he’s taken down a notch or too. I mean he thinks he can get Will to sign over his parental rights just by blackmailing him with this. EJ knows that Will shot him and that is something Nick doesn’t know. He also doesn’t know that EJ is/will stand by Will. Nick may think he’s being clever but he’s also breaking the law by having recorded someone without their knowledge or consent. I’m so glad that Will and Sonny are back together because they can face Nick together.

  2. My heart broke for Will. No other television character has ever made me become this involved. LK you made great points.

  3. Nick needs to be cool. Will’s aim may have improved.

  4. will should not do it. someone should tell nick’s parole officer and gabi should be informed what nick is doing

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