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“Days of Our Lives” Freddie Smith: “I really want people to give this new version of WilSon a chance”

Take a look, this is another cozy photo of the new Will Horton with Sonny Kiriakis.

Guy Wilson will first appear as Will on January 8, six days after the final appearance of Chandler Massey in the role.

Freddie Smith wants fans to keep an open mind.

‘I really want people to give this new version of WilSon a chance,’ he tells CBS Soaps In Depth. “We’re still telling a great story and shedding light on what’s happening. It’s truly rewarding.’

Before Chandler departs as Will, the character finds out what “happened” to his cousin Nick and doesn’t want to be a part of the cover-up. Apparently he even ventures down the river!

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  1. I support Freddie Smith and the WilSon love story. I do not know much about Guy Wilson but I will certainly watch to see how he interprets the role of Will Horton. I hope the writers will continue to give WilSon good story and Freddie and Guy continue to be front burner status as Will and Sonny.

  2. Kinda playing it a little fast and loose with the word “great,” there. Aren’t ya’, Freddie?

    I don’t get soap fans pitching wobblies over a recast. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard that sonorous voice say, “The role of [blah, blah, blah] will now be played by . . .” in my lifetime? Get a grip, folks.

    While we’re at it, recast the writer’s room. The writing on this show could use 1.) a Hell of a lot more talent and 2.) an ACTUAL story for WilSon. I’m sick of watching them chase Gabbi around with a dustpan.

  3. Nope don’t like the guy and never will he will completely destroy the story forever as his acting in other things is terrible get out now Freddie while you can

  4. Wanted to give it a chance but doesn’t interest me Freddie the new guy is an idiot and this picture shows how desperate they are so fake Freddie post the picture yourself grow up if you want people to think you like this guy post the picture yourself not someone else

  5. I will not support the new Will Horton. Chandler Massey brought a James Dean innocence to Will that was so sweet and sincere, he was truly one of a kind.

  6. Looks like he’s doing damage control trying not to lose anymore fans than those who already left. I wonder if they’re gonna be as awkward on-screen as they appear to be in pictures we’ve seen of them. And these pictures aren’t doing nu-Will any justice and make him look like the 30 year old he is, instead of the 20 year old he’s playing.

  7. Sorry Freddie wont be watching at all Guy Wilson has nothing on Chandler and never will. Days ruined it for me with how they dealt with everything they deserve people not to watch. Move on Freddie before your careers suffers

  8. I think it would have been more interesting if Will and Sonny had broken up. Will needs to get out of town and Sonny needs a healthy relationship. He is such a doormat.

  9. This breaks my heart Freddie saying this. I don’t want another Will at all and I don’t want Guy Wilson now that he is going to get married. He hasn’t done much acting but they get him to be in a wedding straight away this sucks so much and it sucks to Chandler and Freddie. Why couldn’t they get married before they fired Chandler?

  10. My boyfriend and I wont be watching next year. We love the current Wilson and the hot chemistry Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith have. Its impossible to see it being any good next year plus we met Guy Wilson several years ago while he was working on a movie and brushed us off. Didn’t give us time for an autograph which was quite insulting. They should have either killed Will off or had him travelling the world until Chandler would decide to come back but this just seems they are doing everything possible to force people to watch. You can’t force people to do anything so we’ll find a better story to watch there are plenty of other gay stories out there to get excited about

  11. I to will not be watching next year as I think it would have been best for Sonny to move on. I love Will but only played by one man so shove it up your ass days if you didn’t want a wedding just tell us but next year no way means nothing just break them up and move on but dont tell us lies

  12. My partner and I are from the deep conservative south and we fell in love with this story but sadly we will not watch next year. We have had to struggle our whole lives for acceptance and the freedom to get married but this story will be reduced to a meaningless and insulting relationship next year as someone who does not believe what he is portraying will assume the reins. We fell in love with two people and two people only. We were willing to give a change a chance but that went out the door very quickly and it doesn’t seem like things ever get better. A gay wedding only seems appropriate to the actors who deserve it they started it and they should be there for it. Im sorry this is how we feel when we get put down everyday and told we’re going to hell and hated by our families for being gay, someone who doesn’t have a understanding of what it is to be gay able to marry a man and get paid for it is insulting. We have been waiting over 20 years for same sex marriage to be institutionalized so this does not sit well with us and makes us wonder why they never wanted this before.

  13. I won’t be watching next year either. Nothing about the new actor is charming. Not his exterior, not his interior. They way Chandler was fired is suspicious. The way Guy Wilson was hired is suspicious. Freddie didn’t want a recast and you could sense the anger in his answer in articles just after the news about Chandler and Guy broke. Now Freddie is accommodating. He needs to keep his job. It’s understandable. I don’t need to do that, so I won’t watch. I feel sick to my stomach about this, especially because I feel like I am abandoning Freddie. But I will support him and his career with his other projects.

    A WilSon engagement and wedding with Guy Wilson as Will makes no sense. It’s insulting and messy. Chandler (and Freddie) wanted a WilSon wedding. So why would Chandler ask to leave 4 months early to miss all this??.. All of this is fishy and yet there are people out there that claim to be Chandler fans, but are the first ones to dump him for Guy Wilson. They are counting down the days they can get rid of Chandler and worship Guy Wilson. I’m seriously puzzled!

    NBC could have made this an amazingly beautifully told story, historic soap moment, portrayed by two extremely talented and committed and beautiful actors. But TPTB decided to screw it all up. Nothing new! Rampant homophobia and greed. The usual crap. Caving to the bigots. Or being bigots themselves. Nothing gets better. Shame.

  14. Ian, I am very sorry to hear that you and your partner struggled so much and still struggle to be accepted. It’s a disgrace that this is happening in real life! And it is a disgrace for NBC to hire an actor who is clearly not in tune with the LGBT issues! I hear you, Ian!.. As much as everyone is trying to sell Guy Wilson as the perfect new Will, in my view he is the absolute opposite.

    Had NBC kept mum about the recast until about mid-December (why on earth Jen Lilley blabbed his name, I will never understand!) and had given us more time to get used to the recast. Had they given Chandler until the end of his contract (December) instead of firing him 4 months early. Had they officially introduced the new actor (but they never did!). Had they taken more time to find the right actor, with as much commitment and sincerity and understanding towards the responsibility of the role he is given to play…. then MAYBE I would have been ok with the recast. But they messed this up so much that fans are angry, upset, insulted and turned off.

  15. Oh and by the way – after 2,5 years of Chandler and Freddie as Wilson, there is still NOBODY out there that can explain why we got next to no pictures of them together on set/off set, not one single joint interview and hardly any events they attended together. But hey, yay, Guy Wilson is not even AIRING yet and here start the pictures appearing left and right. I guess as soon as we hit January, we’ll get the first written interview with Freddie and Gu, shortly after that an awkward video interview and then Freddie and Guy will show up arm in arm at the Emmys!…

  16. It’s all so disappointing. This was handled so poorly that many fans cannot support the New Will! I cannot help but be disappointed in the hype and while I always thought I’d be such a Freddie Smith fan that I’d suffer any story or actor for him, now I’m changing my mind. It’s too disappointing to me for Freddie to be selling GW so heavily. Chandler deserved better support. They got to where they are as a team and Chandler always recognized Freddie in his successes. Yet, the attitude is that Chandler was treated disgracefully, but oh well, this new actor is so awesome and the story is so good so just forget what happened and give all credit to Guy! Well, not me! Has anyone read the history of tweets Guy sends and favorites? I tell young people all the time, what you put on social media represents your integrity and character. But, wait… Guy is not young. Should know better. That’s another issue. Who wants to see Will as older than Sonny?

  17. Wow…I’m very disappointed in how some of you are acting. Guy hasn’t even appeared on screen yet and your already jumping ship. Do I like Chandler and Freddie as Will/Sonny? Yes, but I doubt Chandler would like how none of you are giving Guy a chance. It was also bound to happen at some point that Chandler would leave to either in this case continue on with his education or for other reasons. No, recast or new character ever has it easy on an established show be it daytime or primetime years ago. So come on give Guy a chance before you throw in the towel.

  18. When I first started watching Days, Will was portrayed by Christopher Gerse, who started as a pre-teen and went through puberty right on television.

    Then Will was portrayed by Dylan Patton, who had a Justin Bieber haircut. He was kind of a dark and moody teen. He represented the low point of Will’s portrayal for me.

    Then Will was portrayed by Chandler Massey. At first, he was so bland, like a human Ken doll. Then he became gay and got interesting.

    What I’m trying to say is that role of Will is not sacred. I have lived through 3 Wills, and I will survive another. And if he’s not good, DOOL’s producers are NOT afraid of doing emergency recasts.

  19. Soaps have been doing recast for years and sometimes they work and sometimes they will not ever work. Chandler Massey made Will more than just a role,he owned it hook line and sinker. He has already become a legend in this role and cannot be so easy to recast. It takes a long time to get used to a new actor who replaces a much loved actor in their role. Would Days try to recast Marlena and John? People would have went after the powers that be at with pitchforks and torches at Y&R if they tried to recast Jeanne Cooper as Mrs.C. The only time I can remember an iconic role and actor recast being successful from day one was when Jess Walton took over the role of Jill Abbott and nailed it from day one. The writers at Days are supposed to be talented so why could they not be creative enough to come up with a storyline for Will and Sonny to be absent for a while at least long enough to see if Chandler would ever come back. After some some time as passed then go for the best recast they can. Time would dull the pain of Chandler leaving his role so why the rush to replace him. Days should take a lesson from Dallas even tho they never tried to recast JR they suffered when they tried to recast Miss Ellie. Barbara Bel Geddes had retired for health reasons but came back to ease out of her role more smoothly.Why didn’t Days go this route? Considering the health of soaps these days do they not care if they lose fans or even show they care what the fans think. You have to wonder.

  20. I love that WilSon’s story will continue on even though Chandler’s gone from the show. I’m hoping that Guy does a great job in the role and have no reason to believe that he won’t. Will needed to grow up a little anyway. This will be a great way to have that happen. Freddie, as always, is amazing and Sonny is so entertaining to watch! Freddie does reactions so well. Definitely looking forward to their storyline for next year.

  21. The point is that this is not about an actor who wanted off the show. This is about an actor who, after doing an amazing Emmy worthy portrayal of a character (who was hardly noticed before) was absolutely treated shamefully and disrespected by Meng and Corday. He lost about 13 weeks of pay. Anyone who believes it was all friendly must have their heads in the sand. Listen. Recasts do happen often. Some work and some fail. Chandler is one that will be hard to replace. But if it had been handled correctly it could have possibly worked. It wasn’t. Shame on any fan of actors who care so little about them to stand up and expect they be treated with dignity. Now if you are a Days only fan and all actors are disposable and interchangeable, fine. I’m sure Meng and Corday would agree with you. I think actors are people who deserve respect.
    Why do people seem to think this is about Chandler wanting to leave? Where have you been?

    If Chandler wants fans to continue loving WilSon then why is he saying he has not watched any of it since he was told to leave?

    DOOL could have handled it properly. Instead They are being arrogant and pompous and manipulating and tons of gullible people fall for it.

  22. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. This is a democracy and I choose not to want to watch. Do I love Freddie? Yes Do I love Chandler? Yes Do I love Wilson? Yes Do I want watch next year? NO This could have been handled so much better and then maybe maybe I would be more willing to give it a try but sometimes there are more important things in life and if someone more trustworthy and more worthy got the role then it would be easier. But things happen for a reason and I think January 2 2014 is the day I move onto other things and not be disappointed next year, as great as the story has been this year I fear for 2014

  23. He’s really ugly. And those clothes are HIDEOUS, omg. I’d be so embarrassed if i had to wear them

  24. Patty, Chandler isn’t the first popular actor to be fired from Days, let alone any TV show, and he certainly won’t be the last. Unless you are Chandler, Meng or Corday, you don’t know exactly what happened in that office that day. You only have your theories because you are upset with the situation and you only see the negative, which is unfortunate.

    According to multiple fans who have spoken directly with Chandler, he has made peace with what happened and I have too. There is nothing to “stand up” against because legally Days is not in the wrong here. They had a contract with Chandler that said that they could dismiss him at the drop of the hat if so desired. Chandler signed it and knew what he was getting himself into. Personal feelings aside, those are the facts and everything else that has been said from both sides is just “he said, they said.” You can either accept the truth or wallow in your negativity which will not get you what you want.

    What you don’t realize is that you are playing right into Corday’s hands. He wants people to be upset and making a fuss over Chandler’s dismissal. It keeps his name on people’s lips and others will tune into WilSon’s story out of pure curiosity. That’s how many fans found WilSon in the first place. Keep talking about the storyline, Guy and/or Freddie in either a positive or negative light and other people WILL end up checking out what the big deal ever was. There’s no such thing as bad press…

    Absolutely nothing you, or your friends who are upset over what happened, say will change what happened in the past or Days’ plans for the future. NBC and Sony appear to be very happy with WilSon. They will not be going anywhere anytime soon. I can only hope that you eventually make peace with it because if not you will find that you have wasted a lot of time and effort and have gotten absolutely nothing in return except constant bitterness.

  25. Was this picture taken on set or off as you do realise Greg they are in different states right now? Very clever getting a brand new account to post this during the Christmas break but it will take a lot more than this to convince these two are good together and hanging out all the time. Close but no cigar Greg!

  26. I wish people would stop telling me I have to give Guy Wilson a chance! He IS being given a chance! By everybody! I choose not to. It’s not going to change the fact that his face is going to show up in January and I won’t be watching!

  27. Rachel, I totally agree with you. Having a contract now a days means nothing and that at a certain period the show can get rid of you. That’s even if you have signed a 2 year contract. Freddie’s contract is through 2015 but lets say in 6 weeks they decide to get rid of Freddie and recast his role. Its well within Day’s rights to do so if they choose. No, soap actor on contract is safe from early dismissal.

  28. James – that’s great that you can easily accept a replacement. There are fans out there though – like me – who tuned in only because of the coming out story was announced. I’ve watched several gay soap storylines but ended up abandoning them because I couldn’t connect with how the actors portrayed their characters. In some cases also because the story sucked! In WilSon’s case I can’t say the storyline was always good (it particularly stinks at the moment), but Chandler and Freddie made it real and believable. I’ve never seen any of the other Will actors and don’t need/want to. For me it must first be convincing from the actor’s portrayal and overall attitude towards the LGBT issues and issues like bullying. Guy Wilson has shown several times that he really doesn’t care about these things! And I find it insulting that they chose him to represent a character that should show responsibility and respect. He doesn’t! If he wasn’t that obviously ignorant or insensitive I may have considered giving him a chance, but now I just can’t and won’t.

    For those who want to watch I sometimes wonder why they are so OVERLY eager to get rid of Chandler. I’ve seen comments of people who’s only hope is that Guy Wilson will kiss more passionately than Chandler. If that’s ALL it is, then I say BRAVO! Between the bigots and those that only want to see 2 guys getting it on, America still doesn’t get it at all! That’s not how you get equality.

  29. How can people say that the current wilson has hot chemistry… Chandler has to be the worst kisser in the world and he is a horrible actor when it comes to romance and I am going to be real truthful here… he was full of himself and thinks he is better then soaps and soap fans… good luck chandler lets see how the college goes… oh thats right u put that on hold to auditon and sign with a big agency… weird!!

  30. I wont be watching next, do this picture just to promote the new guy, I ve never seen anything like this in my whole life, it never happened wiht Chandler Massey, and Freddie and Chandler never had that kind of picture being taken together, this was made for this article especially, just because we all said that Freddie looked uncomfortable wiht his co star on an other picture, never on earth a guy has been so much promoted for a role which doesnt fit him at all, I knew this was gonna createa holocaust and it has, people dont buy this, and the guy has made himself unpopular on his own, this picture smells so much fakeness, this is unbelievable how far DAYS can actually go, He knows nothing about Gays, he makes stupid coments on twitter, He RT racists coments, and he favourites tweets against the president Obama!!! I can not believe that this man is gonna be Will, you want fans to give him a chance?? why should we did Corday gove a chance to Chandler before he told to get out ?? We dont want him as Will, we dont accept him , this is just not gonna work for me and for thousands of viewers

  31. Rachel if you believe Chandler is happy about the way things were handled. Then you and everyone else who thinks the same are living in a different planet. This new Will is going to crash and burn ppl can sing his praises all they want. Most fans don’t want it won’t watch it and certainly feel bad for Freddie. Yeah it’s a soap yeah they have recasts but as someone said they don’t always work. Ppl r still complaining about the recast for Roman. Chandler has left an indellible print as Will. There is no way the Will is going to work.

  32. I knew it would happen that they would promote this to the death funny thing Greg why didn’t you want to promote the story with Chandler/Freddie? Give us a good reason please we deserve some answers

  33. I look forward to the new Will. Chandler read a lot of his lines off cuecards and smiled constantly, even when appropriate.

  34. Poor Guy Wilson, people seems to blame him for Chandler’s dismiss which is totaly unfair. His scenes as Will is yet to appear on screen, people already giving him so much negative feedbacks? Poor guy, truly.
    BTW, I think it is Chandler made up his mind to leave first. The producers might be a bit “cold”, I shall agree, but it is work, entertainment businss and professionals first of all. The producers need to do what is best for the show. I think they choose the right time to let Chanlder go. Maybe a bit early for Chandler but as far as the spoliers indicate, they want a new actor before kicking off the new chapter for Will and Sonny. I think it is a right decision if the recast can’t be avoided since Chandler apparently would leave.
    To me, both Chandler and Freddie are just Ok actors. They might be a bit better than the daytime soap category, but neither of them are that great as some fans claim them to be. I don’t think they can’t be replaced and Will & Sonny can’t be recasted.

  35. Probably many of these Negative Nancies commenting here are the same person under the different nicknames.

    If you are really upset or are feeling depressed over a silly recast, I believe you just need to get a life. It’s absolutely ridiculous the amount of vitriol dropped at Guy Wilson as if he had anything to do with Chandler’s exit. Blame Corday, Meng or the ones that made the decision, not Guy.

    Some people act as if this is the first time Will Horton have been recasted. Should I be upset and send negative messages to Dylan Patton?

    I hope that Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith turn out to be amazing.

  36. Rachel, and that attitude of “this is just how it works” is the reason equal rights have been such a long process for all races, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Too many people believe that they should accept “how things are done” and not be “bitter!” Hence, no change for better happens. I do not believe this I’d good for DOOL executives. I do not believe me saying their name gives them anything. Not one person in the world reads my comments and thinks that Meng and Corday must be special and decides to support them because if it. They want people like you. People who are not going to question anything they say or do and stand up for them. Truthfully, I cannot help but feel sorry for the actors who are taken advantage of so easily. But Will this hurt my life? No. This is a soap opera in a world where they are dissolving away. It will not be difficult or sad or negative to not watch anymore. Most likely not watching Will only be positive.
    I too have talked to people who have visited with Chandler. It’s probably the only reason I’ve wanted to stand up and comment.
    But, as I said, when the masses just accept whatever happens happily as what is normal, then changes never happen. Sort of like following the carrot.

  37. Here we go again people accusing people of making up fake profiles to voice their concerns and yet accuse people who support the recast doing the same thing and they run like little babies.

    If people cant accept that many are upset by this and ARE angry at Corday and Meng and Ballard and NBC and yes some people are entitled to be angry at Guy for the way he has paraded himself like a God like figure, then perhaps its you who needs to get a life.

    Face it days does not give a crap about any fan or their cast. They never have and they never will but hey continue to make up accusations just because you are afraid there are more people out there who don’t like the situation than do. Or if you cant show what a decent human being you are and have to resort to spreading lies then I guess you were not a fan to begin with

  38. Knew you would be hear Nicole to accuse Chandler of not being a good kisser. What happened did he reject you as he did me?

  39. “Guy for the way he has paraded himself like a God like figure”

    LOL Someone around here is deeply delusional. The delusion amongst some fans is seriously worrisome. Take a break, move on, and get a life.

  40. I am surprised by the folks that don’t seem to understand what PR and publicity mean. You’re complaining about a show, and the cast, promoting a new actor in a high profile role? I’m curious. What exactly did you expect them to do? Seems like pretty routine stuff to me. And while some are clearly bothered by it, I am enjoying it. I especially love this latest pic and I’m now even more excited to see them on screen together! Yup, it’s working on me!

  41. The delusion from fans who fell in love with Guy Wilson in the blink of an eye is deeply apparent but don’t worry when the story is canned very quickly Freddie will have other things on his mind other than a campy soap who probably want him gone soon anyway

  42. “Take a break, move on, and get a life”

    Guess anyone could say the same about you but one wouldn’t dare accept people will support change people wont. Deal with it

  43. Why are people ignoring the fact that Chandler wanted to leave? He didn’t show any loyalty to the show or the fans when he announced at the Emmys that he was going to leave DOOL, blindsiding his employers in the process.

    Chandler is extremely handsome and a terrific actor *when he puts the effort into it*. This last few weeks, I’m not seeing any effort from him. If I’d never watched him before, I wouldn’t have any inkling this guy won an Emmy. I’m not surprised the show decided to cut him loose 3 months early in those circumstances. Chandler has obviously tuned out – why would you keep him employed?

    I don’t know about Guy, as I’ve not seen his acting nor his chemistry opposite Freddie, but I do know he’s not as attractive as Chandler. But I’m willing to give him a chance to prove himself because I am, first and foremost – a fan of this show and of this gay romance.

  44. Justin… well said…. when he puts the effort into is correct!!! Chandler has said he never wants to be on a soap again… he thinks its beneath him.. so I support Guy Wilson that wants to be on days

  45. Hopefully, the new Will treats Sonny (my favorite character and actor that I’ll be watching for no matter what) in a much more affectionate way than Chandler did. I don’t understand at all how he got two Emmys (good connections?) and someone like Van Hansis who portrayed a young gay man a thousand times more genuinely and with much more skill and passion was robbed of his Emmy three times. Chandler never seemed comfortable with his role and that’s not the kind of acting you would expect from someone who’s running around so cavalier.

    If Guy Wilson doesn’t convince the viewers, DAYS has to give Sonny another boyfriend (maybe portrayed by an outstanding young actor like Van Hansis?!) and move on with this wonderful character and actor (who gives DAYS a boost in the ratings whenever he is in a front burner storyline) and his new partner!

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