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“Days of Our Lives” character Nick Fallon may be a homophobe but actor who plays him certainly is not

Nick Fallon may have dreamy eyes and pouty lips but he’s scoring no points with the gays with his homophobic behavior towards our Will Horton on Days of Our Lives.

Nick is played so very well by Blake Berris who recently chatted with Michael Fairman about the Will/Gabi/Nick storyline that has at the core of it a struggle for parental/custody rights to Gabi’s unborn baby that Will has fathered but Nick wants to raise as his own.

“I did not know how homophobic he would be,” said Berris who returned to the show last spring after three years away (he was originally on from 2006-09).

“I love playing him,” he added. “When they first told me the character was going to be homophobic, I was really upset. I was like, “This is not who this character was.” He was rooted in science, and his first time around on DAYS you certainly would not peg him for that. As it has unfolded, the writing team had done such a good job at writing him. I really started to see it as a story that needs to be told, the storyline in general, and the storyline the way Nick relates to Sonny and Will. It starts to become an argument about a nuclear family and what a family truly is … and how that is changing, and how people have trouble with that. I think that Nick represents the part of the country that is having trouble adjusting to new definitions of family. And, that isn’t just gay people, but now divorce rates are incredibly high. People now do have these incredible families that were not what they were in the 1940’s and 1950’s.”

Some fans, however, are having trouble separating the actor from his character.

Said Berris: ‘A while ago when the storyline started, some people said, “Well, from the way he is acting, it seems like Blake Berris himself hates gay people.” So I sort of send out a tweet about how I support gay marriage and that I have lots of gay friends, and this is a character I am playing, etc, etc. … I have always been involved in LGBT causes.”

Fairman asked Berris about working with Emmy winner Chandler Massey who has been a revelation as Will.

“Chandler is one of my favorite actors I have ever worked with,” he said. “He is one of those people who when you get into a scene, and I am sure we work differently, but our working styles gel really well on set. We will run our lines, but when we go to tape, both of us are totally up for everything being totally different than the way we rehearsed it. We love surprising each other and sort of letting life play out in the most organic way we possibly can. Certain people make you feel really present, and Chandler is one of those people.”

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7 Remarks

  1. I’ve always thought that Nick’s homophobia stems from something that happened to him when he was in prison.Maybe he witnessed something or he was himself accosted.That would explain a lot.

  2. Its going to come out in the storyline that Nick was raped repeatedly in prison and that’s why he hates gays. That new guy Vargas was in on it.

  3. I find nothing “dreamy” about Nick, he is one ugly guy!

  4. I agree with Daisy.. he is one ugly dude.. nothing dreamy.. actually creepy. Doesn’t matter what his story line is.

  5. he is so dreamy! i love him, he is so cute!

  6. August 18th, 2013 at 10:18 am
    Stanley Knox says:

    The Nick character as written and portrayed is complex and nuanced. The actor finds realism in every scence he does.

  7. Those writers lied to Blake and they ultimately buried Nick’s trauma and made him into a striaght up bad guy where murdering him was just fine with the fans.

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