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Days of Our Lives: Busy day for Will: Sonny gives him a key and Gabi asks him to be their baby’s godfather

Settle in for these scenes because there are many.

We begin with Sonny making Will breakfast in bed and among the items on the tray are … a key!

Will happily accepts the invite to move in and basically gallops over to his mom’s house to pack his things.

Then later, he and Gabi have a sweet moment and she asks him to be their baby’s godfather – but she clearly has not cleared this with Nick!

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4 Remarks

  1. I do not like Nick and Gabi as they have made Will keep the secret that he is the father of Gabi’s baby from Sonny. What kind of friend and cousin do that to someone? Nick needs a lesson in tolerance and acceptance and maybe a lesson in not being controlling. Will needs to finally stand up for himself once in for all when it comes to Nick. I mean the one’s getting hurt here is Will and Sonny but Will mostly because he’ll find out just what kind of friend Gabi really is.

  2. First Happy 12,000th show DOOL!! That is an amazing accomplishment, and should have had bigger fanfare. Secondly, I know Fridays are cliff-hanger episodes and right before the wedding, NBC News broke in with the president and Afgan president in live news conference. I have begun to DVR the Soap Channel edition at 8 or 11 because there will never be broken into by news or weather event. Plus I can fast forward through all the commercials.
    Third: What are everyone’s thoughts on who was sneaking around the hospital while Gabi was speaking to (the not as cute) Dr. Cameron? Greg, any idea why the change after the tall hunky one just got his place on the series.

  3. When networks interrupt the soaps, I just watch them uninterrupted at night on SoapNet! And yes, what happened to the other Dr. Cameron? This one seems way too young to be a doctor!

  4. Scott we already know the stalker was chad and i really like this new doctor alot because he is wayyyy hotter, great eyecandy

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