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Days of Our Lives: Ambitious Will Horton suddenly doesn’t want to have a boring life – poor Sonny

Okay Will and Sonny fans, brace yourself for our Will Horton with a sudden personality transplant.

Will is an ambitious reporter who is now bored with his life with Sonny and his daughter and frankly, right now he deserves neither of them.

It’s come out that Guy Wilson, who has played Will since late January, has taken some time off so he will be off the show for at least a month.

His absence will be explained by him going to LA with mom Sami who is supposed to become a reality star which is how Allison Sweeney is being written off the show.

I don’t know what to think about any of this but none of it feels true. But then again, this is a daytime soap.

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9 Remarks

  1. Here is a post on Facebook (Guy Wilson & Freddie Smith on DOOL):
    One follower posted: “from what I understand, Will is not leaving . I know Guy took a two week vacation around the time filming was done that would air about now so maybe they will have him gone for a little bit, but not forever. Guy has been posting pics of himself on Days sets almost every day so he is NOT gone. Here is a interview they did at the end of June…foretells a little bit…

  2. Who cares poor story, poor delivery and acting that is questionable. Sad thing is, he returns! Boo. Days writers should be ashamed of the writing at this moment , It is almost as bad as the article dudWill wrote about Sami. First the hohum death of ej, the ubbish ending for sami (amazing acting though) and we are stuck with unWill, with his personality transplant gone wrong. I mean sonny is sad he leaves really? Whats to love about whiny, immature , sulky and pouty noWill.We know his mum has to love him, but anyone else why???

  3. No Guy *Will* isn’t leaving the show. They are using Will following his mom to California as away to explain Guy’s absence. I’m sure with the episodes coming up after the first of the year that they will explain Freddie *Sonny’s* absence as well since he was not only on vacation but was also involved in a car accident.

  4. Will never had a chance to sow his wild oats like a lot of gay men.

  5. October 25th, 2014 at 3:05 pm
    Daniel Lewis Frommherz says:

    To many loose ends going on with this show. To me the way that Will is acting towards Sonny really sucks he needs to get over his immature self-image. Then the way that Sami gallops to the door has me simply shaking my head how immature she is being portrayed as since her wedding to EJ. I had been making time in my day to watch DOOL on the local station but honestly it is no longer fun to watch including the mixed pairings and sleezy sneaking around.

  6. Wilson has become one of the most boring couples on Days it doesn’t help that GW still does not have good acting ability and has no chemistry with anyone, never mind Sonny. I have never seen so many negative comments about Will and Sonny on various boards etc. when ppl say they ff their scenes now, you know there is something wrong. I really think Days needs to either inject new life and a new Will or write the couple off. It’s hard to ignore that Wilson has lost a lot of appeal and fans.

  7. I agree with all of you Days has really gone down hill in the past few months. I use to enjoy watching (daily) but now there’s nothing worth seeing. Like most of the comments negative so has the show – change the name of the show to Spoilers of Our Lives. And who does care if Guy (Will) comes back? He doesn’t connect with anything or any people on this show. The writers need to wake up or NBC should pull the show.

  8. With all due respect to this actor, is there a shortage of HOT men in LA to play the role of Will Horton? He is NOT a great actor, and he is NOT attractive enough for this story line.

  9. I can’t stand to watch another episode with Will. He is the biggest baby, poorest excuse of actor I’ve ever seen. I DVR the show and FF thru 75percent of it! Mix things up. Net some good actors!

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