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Dax Shepard says his new ‘CHIPS’ movie isn’t intended to be homophobic in a bad way

In Dax Shepard’s new cop buddy comedy CHIPS, an undercover FBI agent played by Michael Pena accidentally does a face-plant into his partner’s crotch.

Then he kind of freaks out about it.

In an earlier scene, the hyper-masculine agent’s face can be seen twitching uncomfortably when he is greeted in a police locker room with the sight of cops in their tight underwear.

Their bulges bounce off each other as the bare-chested cops share hugs, according to TheWrap.

‘The buddy comedy — set amid the culture of a Southern California police force — seems to endlessly dredge up scenarios where men are confronted with the naked bodies, perceived masculinity and potential desire for other men,’ the site states.

Shepard not only stars in the comedy, he also wrote and directed it. He and his actress wife Kristen Bell – one of the film’s co-stars – addressed the charges of homophobia this week.

‘I do think it’s fun and challenging to have a topic like homophobia be in this movie and to do it correctly. That’s a very fun challenge,’ Shepard tells Huffington Post.

‘The intent isn’t homophobic, the intent is actually to be progressive and still deal with that issue because that issue is always going to be funny ― all those issues are going to be funny.’

Bell described her husband to the Associated Press as ‘the most un-homophobic person you could ever find ― I mean, we waited until everyone could get married before we got married, based on principle.’

The Wrap notes that the film has three gay characters. The include a dirty cop and an armored car driver are secretly a couple.

Another cop – this one openly gay – is proudly promiscuous. He tells female officers he’d sleep with either Shepard or Pena’s character as he objectifies them in their tight uniforms.

CHIPS opened in US theaters this weekend.



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One Remark

  1. March 25th, 2017 at 11:37 am
    K. Martinez says:

    Thanks for putting this film on my radar, Greg. I wasn’t even going to give it a look and after reading your article, the Wrap article and watching the trailers, this movie looks pretty funny. It doesn’t look homophobic to me. If anything I think it brings homophobia front and center and does it with a sense of humor.

    And I love bad guy gay villains. Looking forward to it. Again, I think people are way too sensitive and jump to conclusions without digging a little deeper into what something is about. I’ll definitely be checking “CHIPS” out.

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