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Creator of “The L Word” says Showtime interested in reunion movie if she can hunker down and write one Producer Ilene Chaiken is waiting to see if Showtime renews her current series The Real L Word for a second season.

Whatever ends up happening with the show, which focuses on the lives of a group of real-life lesbians, Chaiken has an opportunity to revive the original The L Word as a special movie or miniseries.

“There’s certainly a possibility of that,” Chaiken tells Greg In Hollywood. “That’s all on me right now and I take full responsibility for having not yet done enough about it. Showtime and I had a conversation. They have always been really incredibly generous and supportive with the property and they said, ‘Yeah, you can do a movie, let’s do a movie. Write a script, get it going and I just have been busy.”

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  1. It had better be a damned good script IC, or else you are going to have to deal with a lot of very angry lesbians ;)

  2. July 30th, 2010 at 12:11 pm
    fern mangini says:

    What a dream come true to finally hear about the L Word movie or mini-series. Ms.Chaiken if you read this please see my You-tube video tagged under your name, TLW and The L Word. I have been an avid fan for so, so long. I love the characters and stories but most of all the wonderful, fabulous cast that you had and hopefully will be able to bring back again. I would love an opportunity to audition for a role and will travel far and wide for this chance of a lifetime.

  3. July 30th, 2010 at 2:45 pm
    natasha rafail says:

    we would love to see a movie but plz plz plz try to make season 7. n keep it going… tv is so boring without L Word.
    love you jenn…


  5. Please Please bring back The L Word – keep the tv show series running. It was such a heart warming series. Such a fantastic cast who portray these stories. I LOVE this show and support it fully!!!

  6. What a great news about TLW movie/miniseries. I would love to see miniseries with more episodes. I love the story and all characters. Pls reunion the cast.

  7. Ic girl u just give me a holla if you need any help with writing the script. I was one of the unlucky ones the first time around when you had the fanfic going i found out about it too late. since you are busy busy maybe a great idea would be to have fans write a sceene and send it in you review or have someone review and put in order and let you look at the finished version to modify to everyones liking. No bad drama this is a movie for the fans and you can make up for the death of Dana with a story full of love and i know who killed Jenny lol. I do hope to hear from you on this idea. I have written several fanfics that several friends LOVE. I am up for the challenge if you are.

    Best Wishes,


  8. First of all, you go Shelly (I think you could pull this off).

    Ilene, I hope you can find it your heart to do a movie/miniseries soon before Showtime loses interest. I came late to the show, BUT I can definitely understand the Appeal. Because now I am HOOKED.

    I wish you luck with the real L-word, but honestly, no one can compare to the actors that brought your stories to life every week. They did an outstanding job. And I never thought in a thousand years my Flashdance girl could carry off the best ALA (Alpha Lesbian Archetype), but she DID, with flying colors.

    Props to you for following your intuition and making your creations manifest so brilliantly. Oh, and if you need a stagehand or grip for the movie, just let me know. I think I can make myself available.

  9. Oh my goodness that would be a dream come true to see an Lword movie come out! I think that every lesbian would like a chance to show the world the life of lesbians. It would be so amazing to show the world that our kind of love is just as real as any straight couple’s relationship. It would be so great to actually be one of the women on the show helping to bring awareness and a sense of pride to all people especially gay or lesbian people.

  10. It would be so amazing if it happened!! Lots of people want it and I ABSOLUTLY need the movie. I know it’s too late to bring back the show but we could keep TLW living for a while. I hope

  11. plzplz plz make another season of the L Word.I know i want be the only one too say that the L word left to quickly. Leaving our minds and mouths open with one question whats next! And only you have the answer..

  12. Oh please please please bring back the l word or make a movie.there needs to be some closure on jenny’s death, and besides I feel the characters were really evolving. Tasha and alice can’t live without each other, but it wasn’t clear at the end, bette and tina are moving to ny after bette proposed, max’s baby…there are so many loose ends that a movie or final episode can clear up. I think that’s why everybody wants it to come back because we need closure

  13. This is the best news. I would gladly get on a plane and help to write this or even make the coffee to support the people that do – just so it happens.

    I still cant get over them not letting the series continue. L word was the first series that actually hit the world rather than just the lesbian world. I am so sick of watching things where people attempt to drop in a lesbian storyline. I just want to watch something and feel like i understand it. I could relate to the l word and the love scenes and storylines where just perfect.

    Thanks for all the shows and i hope to hear of news of the movie in time.

  14. OH MY GOD!!! like seriously pleaseee make a movie or bring back the show for a season 7 whichever way IT WORKS for the fans! MORE ALICE AND TASHA pretty pleaseee!!! love it!

    I wonder if IC started on the script yet hmm

  15. Can’t wait to see my favorite couple Bette and Tina again

  16. I m can’t stop watch TLW even I have few hours for sleep, I love to see movie or series both fine. Pls bring Carmen to Shan. don’t disappoint your fan. let we have happiness hour together


  18. PLEASE

  19. Please make a movie and TV series again. I miss L WORD so much. Never been the same without it

  20. Any news about it?

  21. Please bring Carmen back !!!

  22. its all talk and no action,take notice of the fans of this show and get on with the job,ILLENE.

  23. I’m starting to wonder, if a movie will ever happen now. The Real L Word, was renewed for a second season, so it seems, that will end up, taking Ilene’s time. Oh booo! I really miss the L word, which to me, was The Real L Word, in so many ways.

    I want a Tibette wedding, Ilene, so get to it.

  24. I dont care what happens in the movie if there is one. It just needs to be made. i’m sure it is NOT easy to write six seasons of lesbian drama. As a whole the L word is kick ass despite the flaws in the last season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. HAVE TO MAKE THE MOVIE. The fans are thousands!!!! Don’t be a bitch..we absolutely love The L Word woman!!! Greetings from Greece!

  26. Please, Ilene, finally make The L Word movie! Thousands of fans wait for it since the end of the show… We want it, really!

    (Especially Tibbete’s wedding, of course. :)

  27. Any news about it?
    I need Shane *-*

  28. Ilene, need some help with the script? How about a pre-quel … how did everyone meet? Shane’s street days … Marina getting in debt and then Francesca saves the day … previous relationships never mentioned … yada yada yada …

  29. The Best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Please bring them back!!!!

  30. The Best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Please bring them back!!!! (+1)

  31. When do this movie come out?????!!!

    Please make ‘the movie’.

  32. It seems that anybody read all these comments. Any news from the creator or the Channel. We have to be clear and loud. WE WANT NEW SEASONS OF THE L WORD. They don’t have excuses, Everybody(cast) is available

  33. A successful movie would require original actresses and writers. Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman are a must! Otherwise, their and all other actresses huge following on UTUBE will be truly disappointed! The talented actresses and realistic dilemmas of lesbian life were mesmerizing. No TV series has yet to come close to filling the void caused by the loss of this show!

  34. August 14th, 2011 at 10:44 pm
    Brittney Nieto says:

    My family as well as my in laws loved the L Word we all miss it sooooooooooooo much and have been wishing for more we cant get enough of it please bring it back im so bored without it life is just not the same plz plz plz bring back this show with all the original cast plz

  35. any news about the movie or season 7 ?
    I wish it’s a season never have engough of the L word, we waiting forward to see it.

  36. bring back dana, do some flashbacks of everyones initial friendship. BAM, GOOD MOVIE. ill be waiting…

  37. A movie would be amazing. I have practically every season on DVD. .lovvve every character.

  38. Bring back to the l word. We love to watch more. :(

  39. As long as you tell us who killed Jenny, I’m in.

  40. Please bring back the L word! Would love to know what happened to Jenny you can’t leave us hanging. A season 7 would be GREAT! or I would settle for a movie… with the original cast of course. The writer for the series was phenomenal!! and should get back to work :)

  41. Any news about l word these day ?

  42. Bring back the l word plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. r we eva goin to c season 7?

  44. Please bring back the l word for for season 7, keep the series going. I absolutely love it and couldnt get enough of it!!! Please, please, please!!!!

  45. June 30th, 2012 at 1:36 pm
    henry baker says:

    we need more l word im having withdrawal symptoms since series 6 finished
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring it back.

  46. Please bring carmen back,

  47. August 11th, 2012 at 10:40 am
    Nicole Hallstrom says:

    Please lets get an L word movie so we can have some closure. Pleeeasssseeee. This is driving me crazy not knowing what happened and the new reality tv series is nowhere near as good as the original!!!!!!!!

  48. August 13th, 2012 at 2:49 pm
    Veronica McCarthy says:

    Im missing the L Word, I still watch it online. I tired to watch the Real L Word but its not working out for me.

  49. August 13th, 2012 at 2:50 pm
    Veronica McCarthy says:

    Im a die hearted Tibette fan.

  50. August 14th, 2012 at 2:32 pm
    Veronica McCarthy says:

    Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!! We need you Tibette, we want to see you guys wed. And who the hell kill Jenny hope its not bette. I miss this show so much my heart bleed i was geting so attached.

  51. August 14th, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    Craig Benbow says:

    Me too. Miss it so often i look at my collection daily when i come from work and watch episodes every Sundays

  52. August 14th, 2012 at 2:36 pm
    Craig Benbow says:

    I would have loved to see the TIbette get married and who the hell killed Jenny. Was it suicide? Was it bette or Tina? Give us another six seasons please

  53. My wife talk about this damn show everyday, and it as been three years now. All she speaks about is bette and tina please give the fans closure.

  54. There is a movie being written… apparently IL has hired a Co writter and she giving her alot of room to write.. the writer has been working 2 years on the script

  55. Must be a good script why it take so long. lol. Im not a writer so i wouldnt know

  56. Im hoping that there is actually going to be a movie, i watch the L Word episodes more than 20 times already. Everyday evening my mam race me to the tv before i put in the DVD. I just love the storyline. My sister got me hooked on it and now i cant stop

  57. I tried the spinoff called the Real L Word but its not working out for me at all. I love a good story line, the L Word is a better watch.

  58. all i know is that the L Word change my life. Ive been with my spouse for 13 years and we have two kidz together. I ot married because its the right thing to do and thats what my parents want. But no love is in it, my husband adore and love me to the max he took care of the family while i finish school. Its bad that im letting go now because ive been with a woman for 6 years and i know i will lose all my relative for this. but i cant be unhappy anymore. Thaks to the L word, i dont really watch the real L word any way.

  59. I cant wait for the movie. Hope showtime is not tricking us about that because two years a long time to wait or should i say three years

  60. So I’m guessing there’s still no new information on this topic Huh?!? I was a late comer to The L Word. I feel in love with the writing, all the actors, the wardrobe and even the music on this show! I watched it every day for hours at a time once I started. I would be so anxious to get home from college courses to watch the next episode. In a world of nothing but reality shows and BS, I REALLY enjoyed every minute of this show. It opened my straight/bi-curious eyes to so many things that my gay family members and friends have (NO) idea I was even considering thinking about! It answered so many questions and gave me a respect for all the straight actors playing such a believe role! The producers had no idea what they were doing cancelling so early in the game! Such sell-outs! They can keep the WORST BS going forever: But when it comes to shows like this that help, motivate, and give certain viewers a reason to go straight home and not be out in the streets looking for something to do a chance to relax and have hope for better things to come…..THEY SNATCH IT FROM SCYNDACATION! WTF??

  61. Really miss the L word, loved the show and would love to see come back either in movie, mini series or season 7. The show was very important to us and I think we all fell in love with the characters on the show. I know bette was my fav and tina was my partners fav, we would love to see something, anything PLEASE.

  62. Oh,meu deus!Adoro a série The L Word!Quero 7º temporada!Quero que a Bette e Tina dura para sempre,casam, mais um filho e seja felizes.Quero que traga a Carmen pois a Shane ainda ama a ela quanto a Carmen,não sei.Quero que dura as temporadas…Obrigada!

  63. Please get Carmen and Shane back together. If it’s a movie, I’m sure the actress who plays Carmen could sign on. Not Shane and Molly or whoever else. Carmen! That’d make an amazing story all on its own.

  64. Still waiting. How can someone write a killer show like this and leave it so open? I need closure!

  65. I do agree with you there should be good or bad end at least and still we waiting

  66. I was also a late commer to this series.There must be a closure before the magic is gone and the actors moved on. Please give us an super ending to keep for ever.

  67. MORE!!!

  68. just when the suspense was getting good the show ends… this is crazy what kind of ending is that? super bummed I love all the drama, twists and turns this show has to offer i wish it would continue on.

  69. PLEASE bring back the L Word series! Millions of people will watch it.

  70. Bring back Carmen!!! Avid Sharmen fan here!

  71. I just finished the last season of The L word and I absolutely love this series, I’m disappointed to find out that was the last show. PLZ!!!!!! Bring back the show, and bring back Carmen, I love Shane and Carmen together. Plz plz plz plz bring back the show!!!!!

  72. Please do a movie. And please do justice to Erin Daniels. She is a powerhouse. And Dana’s full spectrum of emotions were hurriedly explored in those few episodes of third season.
    And looking forward to a lot of Bette and Tina.
    Alice and Dana. Shane. A lot. and Kit Porter!

  73. Guys commenting here, help me out! How did you ever get over Dana’s death. It was brutal. I am hopelessly grief-stricken.

  74. Pleaze bring it back itll be the best thing to happen at this time, with all the same sex marriage being legalized it will be the best movie of the century! Itll give hope to young and scared of coming out viewers! Please bring the l word back i miss bette and tina sooo much!

  75. So any news? I just re watched the entire series again! When will this movie / miniseries or season 7 be out?

  76. Why do all the good programmes have to end? I could quite happily sit and watch another 6 series of the L Word. Amazing story lines fantastic casting and an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end! Please continue the show it’s battling all the problems we face in society today and is making such an impact on people’s lives!

  77. You’d be crazy not to follow this up. Please please please do a movie or bring it back. I don’t get it hundreds of thousands of fans would be all over it. I miss it so much.

  78. Please bring back the l word series…it was a huge milestone for the lgbt community.The helped me cope with some similar situations that happened in my. I’m sure it has touched millions of people across the globe. This show really empowered women and gave them a please please please bring it back in one way or another!!!!

  79. Please bring back The L Word! many fans asked to return the series to the tv again. TLW is our family! It has been a long time and we all need to return the best series!. We miss L Word! Please!!! Come on Ilene! Give us TLW! A film, or the continuity of the series! I beg you! #PeopleNeedsTheReturnOfTheBestShow!

  80. It would be awesome if a season 7 came out even thought it has been a while I still think a season 7 would be awesome! I’m a lesbian myself and absolutely loved the series! Obviously a lot of people loved it as well and in sure there’s millions of more people wanting more to this series!!!! Please bring it back I miss watching the l word with my girlfriend!!!! We both loved the show!!!!

  81. plz oh plz bring back the show the show has much more to go it has touch me in a way that has change my way of looking at things and that its not far to end a show will so much mistary left in it and that ive been inspierd by the show in so many levels that im not ashame on who i am and the show L word i relly do hope u guys make a season 7 and many more it very good and touching and i still wonder if shane will ever find love and she always is there for her friend in it own way shane reminds me of myself

  82. There really needs to be more seasons before a movie. We need to know what happened to jenny!!!! You can’t just end it like that. We need to know . The cast was great. I absolutely LOVE the show lol feel in love with it a couple years ago after watching 2 episodes then bought the entire series so please give us more seasons. Its inspiring to a lot of people and we would like it to continue on. My girlfriend is hooked on it now lol end the real l word and continue the l word. We all enjoy it more.

  83. I only just watched The L Word. I was told much about it and love every minute sorry every second watch all the from start to finish in a week half. We really need to want happen to jenny and max with is baby.
    It would of been really good for them all to find happen. Please please bring it back

  84. My fiancé and I just finished it today and we would love to see what happens next with everyone. I personally loved the show! Shane was one of my favorite characters. She reminded me of myself so much. I really want to know what really happened to Jenny. You guys have to bring this back!

  85. I love the l word I always watch the episodes over an over I would love for it to be more seasons ,an if a movie come out I would love to see it…if you do do a movie fr the l word an looking for some one from philly you can email me…I would love to be apart of an amazing cast an crew

  86. Im late to catch up wit the series bt im so glad that I finally watched them. Its a superb show, simply mind blowing. I got so addicted f these showes that during my ofc hrs I use to dwnload d episodes n watch at nite. I use to jus sleep for 4-5 hrs. The shw had amazing characters played so well by al d actors. It had all d emotions which made me smile, laugh, cry. Im so head over heels for bette n shane.such strong chracters. I know d shows which goes popular are alys left midway n d shws which irritatez u to limits keeps on draggin on television. Bein a true n hardcore fan f the L word I would really request n wish that u pple shud cum up wit movie or a new season. I belong to India where bein gay is a total no no in society, this shw made me feel if I cud reside in a place lik US as its free minded n open for pple lik us. Bottom line PLEASE BRING ON A NEW SEASON..


  88. I believe this show to be more than just a lesbian show. I want to know more about Tasha & Alice who had such a beautiful commitment to each other. Bring the show back.

  89. Please bring back The L Word season 7 , and keep it going. I miss that show! :)

  90. July 11th, 2014 at 3:38 pm
    janae Johnson says:

    I agree with regina i would love to knw more about tasha and alice i stayed tuned in on the L word please bring season 7 out

  91. I just finished watching this awesome show please come back with season 7,8,9….I really enjoyed watching

  92. Omfg….pse pse pse i am begging pse bring back the show…this is sooo interesting am always glued to the screen i cnt get enuf of it…and who the hell killed jenny…that i need to see…ok atleast stop on season 12…hihi…wink

  93. I’ve just finished watching the L word on Netflix and all I can say Is wow,
    This has to be the best thing I’ve watched ever!!!!
    But I want more, I want to no how max got on with having the baby, if Alex and tash made it, how Shane coped with Jenny’s death, that Bette and Tina got married and have another child and that kit settled down, please make season 7 8 9 10.. Would be nice too, please please please

  94. I just finished watching the L word the show is so addicting to watch but the last episode of season 6 was so sad but very unex

  95. I just finished watching the L word the show is so addicting to watch but the last episode of season 6 was so sad but very unexpected if I knew about the show before is would be one happy camper.. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch I love bec and Tina there are the cutest couple ever next to shane and Carmen but I think the show is sexy and it’s way better than the real L word just saying but I wanna know what happens next so badly with all of them …. It would be amazing if you did a mini series or movie but should definitely keep it going more seasons lol a lot of gays or lesbians I know love it …keep it going pleasssee

  96. I wish TLW would come back ;-; I’m currently rewatching it and it saddens me so much that it ended .-. #BRINGBACKTHELWORD please..

  97. Why has this died? I know we all will support any L Word endeavor. I miss the show so much

  98. Just started watching the show and I love it I would love to see more episodes I hope they bring it back would love to see what happens. Please please bring more shows back. Has anybody heard if there are more show in the works

  99. Please bring the L word back I want to see them all, well the ones that are still living on the shoe plus I want more Tasha “Rose Rollins” on the show and would love to have her in real life.

  100. Bring back the L word and original cast bring it on!

  101. Seeing this show again would be great and for it to be new episodes it would be even better! I’m a blogger and would love too put this on my page but im not going to give fans false hope. We’ve come a long way since this show originally aired a few years ago, i feel like this show helped move us too where we are today. We’ve come a long way on tv but we could do better, we’ve come a long way in society but we could work harder. This show was a life saver to many LBGT members including me! We dont just want but we NEED another season or six lol. This show changed my life its time to help someone else.

  102. Well we are now near to 2016 and still no word on TLW, what is happening if anything. Personally I am still in the process of watching this series and I can tell you that I look forward to viewing it whenever I am home. I too am a late bloomer in regards to seeing this series and I must say that it keeps me captivated. I have just begun season three and honestly cannot wait to watch the next episode. Everything about this show touches my emotions, my thoughts and especially my fears. You will be the first to know that I am gay but not a practising gay. This is where the fear comes in. One day I will come out completely. Hopefully before I am too old to appreciate it.
    PS: if you do bring it back to TV viewing and want to keep your audience please try to have the same characters (especially Jennifer Beals she is SOOOO hot) and it would be a great satisfaction to all viewers that she and Laurel Holloman (Tina) share their life together.

  103. It’s 2016!! I need closure!!! Pleeeease continute into season 7, in going crazy here!

  104. It’s 2016 I’m watching all the season all over again because I absolutely love the show! We need a season 7 I know it would be highly supported even if showtime don’t want it I’m sure Netflix would love to pick it up as their own show. Please we all need this to continue. This show was one of the only LGBT show we had and NJ on its gone and still all these years later everyone still misses it and wants more.

  105. August 7th, 2016 at 8:29 am
    carol sceniak says:

    Please bring back the L Word.I love Tina & Bette.

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