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COVID-19 pandemic hits close to home …

I bring your attention to what Brian Williams said on MSNBC last night: “It’s important we never forget who the deniers were” — as it took the folks at Fox & Friends 10 months and 270,000 dead Americans to realize that masks work in combating Coronavirus.

There are people I care deeply about who watch Fox News faithfully – one is one of my five siblings and the other is one of my closest friends since college. Both tested positive for COVID-19 last week and are quite sick. My sibling ended up in ICU last week and was briefly on a respirator. The sibling is recovering, thankfully, but the toll on my 83-year-old mother has been immense and I am now just now returning to my body. We are lucky – no one has died. My heart goes out to all of those who has lost loved ones during this ghastly epidemic.
Fox News is dangerous as hell. Dis-information and mis-information is dangerous and can kill. Please try to think for yourself and use common sense. Try watching PBS NewsHour.

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  1. Greg,
    Fox News, all the junk on the Internet and YouTube, not to mention politicians who pedal the lies to keep on Trump’s good side and in office… has poisoned a large group of American people’s minds. Divided friends and family. And cause an pointless amount of illness and death. IMO, it’s going to take some time to right this wrong turn in our thinking…
    All the best wishes to your loved ones who are suffering with COVID.

  2. Thank you for posting. With every state in the country with skyrocketing positive cases it never tires to remind about masking-up and social distance behavior (and avoid Fox News lies altogether).

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