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Countdown to Outfest 2010: “The Four Faced Liar” explores relationships between friends in NYC

There is so much I liked about Four-Faced Liar that I was willing to sit back and let the movie take its time getting to where it’s going to go – and it does take its time.

I’m going to give away some plot because I don’t think it takes away from your enjoyment of the film but if you want to be completely surprised, then QUIT READING!

Here goes:

The lovely college student Molly (Emily Peck) welcomes her boyfriend Greg (Daniel Carlisle) to New York where they begins their tedious life together. Greg is handsome as all get-out but dull as dishwater! He only does the missionary position and wants the lights off.

Meanwhile, buddies Bridget (Marja Lewis Ryan) and Trip (Todd Kubrak) share a place and have a very funny chemistry where they call each other awful names and sleepily brush their teeth together every morning. Usually they brush as Bridget’s latest trick is leaving (she is a very busy lesbian!) while Trip is in a relationship with Chloe (Liz Osborn).

Their lives change when the they meet at a bar called The Four-Faced Liar and from that night on, the attraction between Molly and Bridget grows.

Let me just say this right now: the character of Bridget is just terrific fun and I love her.  Marja Lewis Ryan is such a perfect fit for the role that it didn’t surprise me to find out that she also wrote the movie’s screenplay based on her own play.

When Molly fights with Greg and asks Bridget if she can stay with her awhile, Bridget says: “I fart in my sleep.” But later, when she is in anguish over the relationship, she tearfully tells Trip: “My heart is on the floor right now! … I hate her!”

The pain  and frustration is palpable.

Bridget is just who she is and I love that about her. Love that about Trip too. He cheats on Chloe and is caught in the act. When Greg asks him why he did it, instead of some, drawn out introspective answer, Trip says the truth: “I didn’t know she’d be home so early. I thought I’d have another day.”

Bridget struggles with monogamy but Molly’s struggles are even bigger because even as she begins an affair with Bridget, she feels guilty and isn’t sure she wants to give up the safety of Greg even if she is bored silly by him: “I was okay with my life just being okay,” she says at one point to Emily.

But Molly (played so wonderfully by Emily Peck)  has awakened her senses and it’s a joy to see her open up and upsetting when she tries to close up again.

The Four-Faced Liar will screen at Outfest on Saturday, Jul 17th at 8:30pm at the Ford Ampitheater. Here is a LINK for tickets and more information.



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3 Remarks

  1. You’re introducing Molly, Greg, Bridget, Trip and Chloe, but later you’re talking about the character of Emily a lot, which seems to be the actresses name who plays Molly, and yet you commend Marja Lewis Ryan on her portrayal of Bridget… still talking about Emily. I’m confused.

    Greg, I love your blog (obviously, I’m devouring it every day), but you need an editing assistant who catches these things! ;)

  2. Oh, and I made an apostrophe mistake myself there. Whoops! Haha. :)

  3. Thanks for pointing out the big screw-ups. I’m not sure why I started renaming everyone but think I’ve fixed it!

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