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Congressman Clay Aiken?

If I had not seen his thoroughly impressive appearance on CBS Face the Nation a year or so again, I would never believe it.

But Clay Aiken is a smart, well-spoken guy who is reportedly considering a bid for Congress in North Carolina’s 2nd District, according to the Washington Blade.

Clay, one of the most successful singers in the history of American Idol, was the runner-up during the show’s second season.

The filing deadline to participate in the primary is Feb. 28. North Carolina’s primary will be held on May 6.

Face the Nation appearance is below and he begins talking at about the 3:56 mark:

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7 Remarks

  1. I’d vote for him!

  2. Will Kelly Ripa shake his hand? :)

  3. I believe Clay would be taking on Renee Elmers-a teabagger-if he files. I hope he does and I hope he wins but with the redistricting the GOTP has done to the state, it’s going to be tough for Clay to win. And let’s not forget its an off year election where more republicans tend to go to the polls.

  4. I’m actually in this district. Renee is a complete embarrassment. Of course I’d vote for him because of her, but I can’t said I’m not hoping many more viable choices are presented first for us to whittle down.

  5. @Chip-who would you like to see take her on and who do you think has the best chance?

  6. @FAEN It’s a HEAVILY leaning district for the right. I honestly don’t see how ANY democrat can win it. It’s so gerrymandered I believe it to be near impossible.

    I don’t know who would best take her on. I actually think she’d be more easily pushed out if a reasonable conservative would run in a primary against her. Someone on the left would need to be able to reach those who generally vote conservative. As much as I’d like that, I can’t think of anyone who CAN do it.

    As much name recognition as Clay has, I’m still not convinced he’d have much of a chance.

  7. I am a gay republican (there is such a thing). But I would vote for you. Not because you are gay, but because you would bring SOUTHERN VALUES to Washington, something extremely missing in congress, and I think you won’t be swayed by the establishment with all their lies and deceit. Charlotte, North Carolina

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