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Commentary: The end of Teddy and Ian’s romance on “90210″ was disappointing on several levels

Watch: It Only Took Blackmail To Get 90210's Teddy To Come Out
Don’t keep reading this if you don’t want to know what happened between Teddy and Ian on Monday’s episode of 90210 (I posted the clips yesterday).

I want to register my extreme disappointment over how the writers on the show handled the abrupt end of this sweet gay high school romance.

We knew that since the actor who plays Ian (Kyle Riabko) wanted off the show, the character was not going to appear in episodes past February. It’s a pity he wasn’t committed at least for the season because Ian and Teddy and made such slow but steady progress together in the five minutes they were given in any given episode.

Well, this week they got more than five minutes and the episode had Teddy coming out to all his friends at West Beverly High. His ex-girlfriend Silver figured it out on her own and their talk about it was well-written and well-acted.

But the plotline that had Teddy being blackmailed turned out to be a bitter bill to swallow. Teddy, who had just spent winter break skiing with Ian in Colorado,  gets a note in his locker demanding $50,000 or a photo of he and Ian kissing will be made public. He panics and wants to pay the money.

But in the end, rather than run, he decides to come out and after sharing his news with Silver, he arrives at a dinner of friends holding hands with Ian – a very dramatic statement that said it all. The openly gay Ian breaks the tension as they sit down by announcing to everyone that he is gay.

This is the Ian we love. He’s fun, he’s popular, he’s a student leader, he’s true to who he is.

He would never do what happened next: It turns out that Ian was the person behind the blackmailing and he did so to push Teddy out of the closet so their relationship could be out in the open. It really is beyond the pale and completely out of character for this young man.

There are so few gay characters on broadcast television and I’m not saying they should all be saints but they should at least make sense. This did not make sense at all.

So now Teddy, deeply betrayed, will move forward as an openly gay student. Hopefully he will have better luck with guys down the road. We all thought he had hit the jackpot with Ian who could have been written out of the show in so many other ways. Why undo all the wonderful things about him?

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3 Remarks

  1. February 10th, 2011 at 4:51 pm
    David in Houston says:

    It was an absolutely terrible way to remove Ian from the story. They were a happy gay couple for all of 3 minutes! Why couldn’t they just have had Ian move out of town? Like you said, Ian would NEVER had done that to Teddy.

  2. Very disappointing. From the get-go, Ian was portrayed as strong, honorable, and sane. Having him turn into some bipolar machiavellian mastermind is just…gah. Part of me thinks the writers just felt like screwing his character over as an F.U. to Riabko leaving the show.

    At least he got to kiss Trevor Donovan though.

  3. I too was very disappointed in the way this ended. It did not make any sense. A character as strong as Ian to stoop to such means was very out of character.

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