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Coming Out Day Gallery: Here are 150 out and proud celebrities who took that very public step!

Happy National Coming Out Day everyone!

So many well-known people have come out publicly in recent years that my annual gallery can’t possibly include all of them. I had to limit it to 150 which is, by far, the largest collection yet.

Whether it be a magazine cover story (Ellen DeGeneres, Lance Bass, Jason Collins, Clay Aiken), a dramatic TV interview (Meredith Baxter, Billy Bean), it’s still big news when a performer, athlete, news personality, or politician comes out.

An increasing number of folks are coming out on Twitter or casually in an interview.

However they choose to do it, it’s always an inspiring thing.

Some of the people are new additions since last year’s gallery including Jodie Foster, Matt Dallas, Tuc Watkins, Wentworth Miller, NBA player Jason Collins, TV legend Jim Nabors, soccer stars Abby Wambach and Robbie Rogers, WWE wrestler Darren Young, Victor Garber, actress Raven-Symone, and Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank, among others.

The day is still young so if any other celebs come out today, I will add them!



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15 Remarks

  1. October 11th, 2013 at 7:34 am
    Robert Kabwe says:

    Wow, what a comprehensive list – that must have taken a while to put together:) it puts things in perspective. It’s wonderful to see so many people so open instead of hiding in closets. i think it sends a positive message to people both gay and straight that you can and should be comfortable with who you are.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into posting all those wonderful photos. However I did not see your picture! Greg, you belongs right up there with the best!

    For me, as a man who clearly remembers the 1970′s when a completely different story was being associated with the LGBT folks, we have come a long, long way, baby! Now, happily, there is no looking back! I just wish I was 25 years younger in this great day and age.

    Again, thanks Greg!

  3. There are just so many of us! HOORAY!!!!

  4. Yeah! Great job Greg!

  5. October 11th, 2013 at 3:14 pm
    Louie Franko says:

    The most beautiful, handsome etc etc…. IS RANDY HARRISON…!! My GOD he is so cute..!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him…!!!!! “Congratulations Randy for being the way you are..! You opened so many doors, in my case, you opened my door! Thank you so much!

  6. I had no idea about Jim Nabors but I’m so happy that he decided to come out and get married to his partner though.

  7. In 1992, there was no one. No one. There was no forum and no support on the scale that where support was need. I thought that should change and someone had to change the course not only for myself by for all and I watch the Domino’s fall. It seemed someone like me, someone without the big 6 figure careers and all the PS those careers had to protect – the system, Someone had to do this and on scale that was as large as the networks and entertainment systems that stop them and the people who would be shocked. I was the canary and once the pop-culture arena rally around the Real World after a gay presence was not in the second season, they moved back to grab A lesbian and then Pedro. Still with all these people you Salute still hidden. Ellen came up to me shaking that she wished she could be so brave some day. The Real World has left footage on the modern era of television and that foot was mine. Glad I could be the doormat for all your successes. Sorry I don’t have the PR companies and awards where my presence was helpful Best Norman Season One Real World MTV. I am sorry to write a letter like this, but it kinda hurts sorry. Maybe next year 151

  8. Clay Aiken is the only one pictured in full costume and long wig. It would have been nice to choose a picture of him instead of the Joseph character from The Technicolor Dreamcoat.

  9. Thanks for writing this Norm. Next year I really am going to have to do 200. It wasn’t meant as a slight to anyone – just a statement of how many people there are now. It doesn’t mean I don’t have great respect for you.

  10. I really liked the photo of Clay in costume. I liked it because it was colorful. I doubt he’d have a problem with it nor should you Shane! :)

  11. Great list…I think. I have no idea who 60% of them are. It would help if you label them, maybe?

  12. Great list!…but I was looking for a couple more, or did I just miss them? Martin Freeman, star of THE HOBBIT and SHERLOCK, and Eric Millegan from BONES come to mind.

  13. To the person who said in 1992 there was no one, you are probably not in sports because of the 150 one stands out and that is Martina Navratilova already out in the eighties ask just Greg about it.

  14. Just a few years ago, this list was so short!!! It’s awesome to see how far we’ve come. Can’t wait to see next year’s list….!

  15. This is a great list…very inspiring! However, Alan Cumming is shown twice. Does that mean he’s twice as gay as everyone else? ;-)

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