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Colin Ferguson talks about playing gay on this week’s “Happily Divorced” and in other projects

Last month, a friend and I were on our way to a play in Hollywood. Since there are so many venues along Theater Row on Santa Monica Boulevard, we got confused and went to the wrong theater.

So, we relied on the kindness of a stranger who helped direct us to the right place – a very handsome stranger who happened to be actor Colin Ferguson of Eureka fame.

Getting lost has never been so rewarding!

Anyway, Colin will be guest starring on this week’s episode of the TV Land sitcom Happily Divorced starring Fran Drescher and John Michael Higgins and talked to about that and other gay roles he has played during his career.

“I would never hunt out a role specifically for its orientation, it’s more about who I get to work with or what the role is than anything else,’ Ferguson says. “Working with John and Fran is just…and Rita Moreno (who plays Drescher’s mother) is on the show, it’s like, “ARE YOU KIDDING?” Yeah, I want to spend a week with those guys.”

He adds: “What’s great about [Happily Divorced] is that it’s a bunch of people who really respect each other and trust each other, so when one of them says, I got a guy, it’s sort of done … I really admire how they streamline the process. Flattering to get a call out of the blue saying, “Hey, what are you doing next weekend? We need to shoot something.”
Ferguson plays a gay man who begins dating the Higgins’ character. It’s not the actor’s first time in a gay role. He was gay in the cult classic The Opposite of Sex and also one of the stars of the gay-themed miniseries More Tales of the City.

Ferguson said he had “no fears” about being typecast but admits: “[You tell yourself,] “Oh, I hope I get to do something different soon.” I believe the industry will put you where you belong. So I didn’t have a fear about doing damage to my career.”

His good looks and talent helped him to develop a loyal gay following.

“I found the gay community to be really, really supportive and welcoming, and so friendly,” he says. “You bump into people in the airport and they say, “I saw you in More Tales, and that series means so much to me. Thank you so much.” It’s so humbling to be thanked for something that you wanted to do.”

“There’s definitely an interest,” he adds. “I don’t know if I’d call it a following. [Laughs]”

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