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Clay Aiken: “The truth is that being gay is not news … It’s nothing we need to broadcast” learned recently how a lot of Clay Aiken fans don’t like a big deal being made about their star being gay. I did a short item on his new tour and album and noted that they were his first since coming out publicly last year.

I got an earful from dozens of fans who feel strongly that Clay’s sexuality is irrelevant. An interview Clay did with Popeater makes you wonder if the singer himself sets this tone.

Clay was asked if he has fans who write in and talk to him to let him know that his coming out of the closet has helped them. Replied Clay: “Not so much. It is helpful and I understand why it could be helpful. But I think the more fuss is made about it the less it normalizes it. The truth is that being gay is not news. it should be something that we strive to normalize. It’s nothing we need to broadcast. It’s a fine line. I do understand the benefit but I hope for the days when it is not news and not a headline.”

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4 Remarks

  1. I have to agree with him, Greg, sorry, but I believe that was the point of those dozens of fans. And wow, Clay happens to agree! I mean, come on, what if they said, ‘has being black affected/helped your fans, has being a woman helped other people, has being *insert any religion” helped others not to hide?” Its ridiculous, that’s what I think Clay is saying. Unless you yourself choose otherwise, one’s sexuality need not be worn like a name tag. PERIOD.

    PS Thanks for the preview on Clay’s album. I am looking forward to hearing it!!

  2. I think Mr. Aiken suffers from (more than) a bit of internalized homophobia. His behaviour and attitude toward other out gay artists has been nothing but horrible, and he shuts down discussion of his own preferences at every opportunity. After his god-awful comments about Adam Lambert last year, I won’t ever be buying another one of Aiken’s albums; he doesn’t deserve my money or my support.

  3. For the Adam Lambert fan, after Adam’s god-awful comments about Susan Boyle, I won’t ever be buying one of Lambert’s albums. He doesn’t deserve my money or my support.

  4. June 1st, 2010 at 2:40 pm
    sunshinegirl says:

    ditto ditto ditto to Simon and Cara! And Greg are you so befuzzled by Aiken that you can’t come up with anything more coherent to comment on than his being gay? And you’re supposed to have credibility why???

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