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Classic Hollywood star Kim Novak, 81, gets made fun of on Twitter for looking “Frozen” at Oscars

I’m a day late on this but wanted to weigh in about Kim Novak’s appearance on the Academy Awards on Sunday.

The star of such films as Picnic, Pal Joey , The Man With the Golden Arm and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo presented the Best Animated Feature Oscar to Frozen.

Twitter exploded with snark.

Among the tweets: ‘Kim Novak’s face just won for Frozen’ and ‘Kim Novak was just safely transported back to the Hollywood Wax Museum. #Oscars’

Good grief, even that bitch Donald Trump weighed in tweeting: “Kim should sue her plastic surgeon!’”

C’mon! The lady is 81 and she rarely makes public appearances. Yes, her cheeks looked a bit too plump – as did Goldie Hawn’s! – but she’s one of our few stars remaining from the golden era and deserves some respect.

I remember another Oscars telecast Miss Novak appeared at – in 1979 – and she was the night’s sensation because she had not made a movie in a long time and looked absolutely dazzling.

Ronan Farrow said it best on Twitter last night: “Half the people being cruel about Kim Novak are ten years away from being Kim Novak.”



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7 Remarks

  1. Ronan Farrow got it right!
    After watching “Bell book and Candle” for the first time this past holiday I found her mesmerizingly…gorgeous!

  2. For those who doubt her outer beauty these days will find it in abundance in her inner beauty in a rare 2013 interview with Robert Osborne for TCM.
    Doubters should check this out with a body of her work then the Twits would have something to tweet about.

  3. March 4th, 2014 at 2:19 pm
    Alan Douglas says:

    Kim had the courage to go out there and present an award, Few of her contemporaries would.
    I’ve read that she had low self esteem as an actress. Many in Hollywood considered her just a pretty face.
    You can see why she would want to hang on her beauty. The surgeon did too much.
    I hope she has someone in her life to protect her from the many cruel comments.
    She will probably never show in public again.

  4. Kim was one of the true great beauties in show business, along with Elizabeth Taylor. She was *the* actress of the 1950′s with many excellent performances, especially Picnic, and zero Oscar nominations. Her interview with Robert Osborne on TCM was absolutely wonderful. Kim is a kind, naturally sweet, and lovely person. I was very upset she didn’t get a standing ovation (just like Sidney Poitier got) from the audience at the Oscars, and I have been quite distraught that so many people have been making fun of her looks since her appearance. It’s cruel and uncalled for, and I would be willing to bet it has hurt her very much. People can be such a-holes. Think I’ll write her a loving fan letter and tell her it how lovely it was to see her again.

  5. I understand, but detest, social media criticism from ignorant boring morons.
    Donald Trump is a bitch. You nailed that one. Why he constantly has to remind us just to get attention is sickening.

  6. She looked like she got some last moment treatments to her face for her appearance at the Oscars. Sadly, it appeared to have been overdone. It can happen more easily than one might think if you don’t know what to expect. She is 81 and that wouldn’t have helped if this was the case.

  7. March 4th, 2014 at 6:26 pm
    Jim Steele says:

    She ruined her face with plastic surgery. Jessica Tandy and Eva Marie Saint didn’t make the same mistake and Tippi Hedren looks pretty darn good as well. Pity.

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